Your Bag Tally

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  1. Hello Ladies, I made a conscious and heartbreaking effort to clean out my huge collection of handbags about six months ago. This included everything. A lot of the stuff I sold was middle range leather bags, and evening clutches.

    My intentions were to put the money towards a FEW high quality bags - which quickly evolved into a full blown addiction to Chloe.

    So, just to make myself feel a little better - I would like to know the handbag tally of the other ladies here. Chloe tally and in total.

    My current total is: 12

    Chloe total is: 10 (with one more coming)

    Come on girls make me feel normal :s
  2. Oh my, I have to muster up the courage to, I'm in the cleaning out mode now, so will post final tally later.:rolleyes:

    I will say, it's much more than 12......:shame:
  3. 3 chloe paddys with another on the way!
    1 chloe wallet
    1 mulberry
    1 louis vuitton

    i will end up with 12 if i carry on!
  4. What did you decide upon daisy?

    I currently have 2 chloe satchels, 1 baby satchel and 1 LV (plus accessories).
  5. I'm all over the map but have been seriously contemplating selling a bunch of bags... I currently have:

    1 chloe paddington
    1 chloe paddington wallet
    3 hayden harnett
    1 francisco biasia
    3 coach legacy bags
    5 coach "fun" bags (resort fish x 2, bumble bee, ladybug, giant straw tote)
    1 linea pelle

    I am eyeing more Chloe, a Botkier, and a Gustto..
  6. :nuts: daisy, are you trying to expose all our sins??? :lol:
    I'm too embarrassed to tell. i've only just crossed over to designer bags, so i will work on selling some of my lower range leather bags. then maybe i'll be prepared to tell :shame:
  7. Def have more than 12...:sweatdrop:...On the brighter note, my goal is to have an everyday bag for each of the 4 seasons, so that's four bags. Am going to have one different weekend bag for every week of the year, so there's 52...a total of 56 bags total...not even half way there yet, so I can keep buying...:roflmfao::nuts::upsidedown:
  8. well...lets see my latest tally after some buyings and sellings:

    2 Front pocket paddies (Mousse, Brun)
    2 Quilted Bay Bags (Noir, Blanc)
    1 Patent Elvire Hobo
    1 Whiskey Edith
    1 Bordeaux Patent Heloise (On its way to Momma):yahoo:
    1 Blue Dior Gaucho
    1 Gucci Abbey Messenger
    1 Gucci Grace Boston (on its way out, currently listed)
    1 Burberry Messenger Bag
    1 Burberry Backpack

    So 12 in total
  9. 2 baby paddingtons
    2 MJ Multipocket
    1 MJ Daria
    5 Fendis (Spy, 2 Magics, Duffel, LE Baguette)
    3 Coach

    Thinking of selling the coaches to make room for another spy and a Chloe heloise. I was considering selling one of my baby paddys or an MJ but I don't think I can... I too am contemplating this addiction...:confused1:
  10. I went to count in my closet and now I don't feel so bad! I thought I had a whole lot more!

    1 Chloe large front pocket Paddy in tan
    2 Chloe chain handled Betties - one choco patent and one mastic python
    1 Chloe dome capsule Paddy in black patent
    1 Chloe Edith in jade
    1 Chloe Heloise in vermillion
    1 Chloe quilted Bay in gold
    1 Chloe Silverado in silver python
    1 Chloe large Capsule Paddy in black with small lock

    I've also counted about 5 Coaches, two Gucci's - except that I just gave one to my mom - and one leopard Prada. Oh and I'm embarrassed to admit to a Juicy. And there is an Isabella Fiore too. And a Kooba. I'm probably forgetting something but the important thing is that I am NOT THE WORST!!!
  11. Deep Gulp, okay let's see??

    1 Chloe Quilted Bay-Epice
    1 Chloe Chain Handled Betty- Patent Chocolate
    1 Chloe Betty Shopper-Argent
    1 Chloe Tracy Med Satchel-Mastic
    1 Chloe Edith Satchel-Rouge
    1 Chloe Medium Front Pocket Paddy-Gold/Olive
    1 Chloe Paddy Shopper-Noir
    1 Valentino Leopard Print Shoulder Bow Bag in Calf Hair
    1 Valentino Taupe Shoulder Bow Bag
    1 Prada Cervo Bucket Bag-Carmel
    1 Prada Shoulder Bag-White
    1 Prada Sml Motorcycle Bag, Brown
    1 Ferrigamo Large Marisa Bag-Brown
    1 L.A.M.B. White Clutch
    1 Gucci Bamboo Small Shoulder Satchel-Black
    1 Gucci Large Tote (I believe this to be a fake)

    So 17?

    I've given away all my Coaches and an I.F's and I sold a Prada.

    I'm definitely on a hiatus!

  12. Okay I actually get this logic! AND I agree with it!!!!!!!!!

  13. Too fully feel the pain YOU HAVE TO LIST THEM!! He He:Push:
  14. ok here we go:

    1 Chloe Paddy
    1 Chloe Maggie
    1 Bal City
    1 Bal Med. Matelasse
    1 Bal Twiggy
    2 Fendi Spies
    1 Fendi Baby Spy
    1 Prada Dr. bag (not sure it's name)
    1 Prada velvet mini-frame bag
    1 YSL Mermaid bag
    1 Moschino clutch
    1 Kooba Jillian
    1 Kenneth Cole Hobo
    1 Antonio Melani hobo
    1 joomi joolz

    That's 16~

    plus 3 other no names

    and hopefully a MJ stam soon!:graucho:
  15. I KNOW!!! To see you all get so specific... here's my turn

    1 Chocolate Silverado Dr
    1 Bone Silverado Satchel
    1 Black Silverado Satchel
    1 Whisky Edith Messenger Hobe (Wiggligirl's TFP)
    1 Muscade Edith Bowler
    1 Chocolate Large Betty (Allabamma's TPF)
    1 Black Small Betty
    1 Red 05 Paddington Satchel
    1 Tan 05 Paddington Hobo
    1 Aubergine Front Pocket Paddington
    1 Off White Dior Gaucho Tote
    1 Grey/Taupe Mini Fendi Spy

    Coming soon - 05 Cream Paddington

    Didn't count: 1 Brown Mulberry Rosemary (in the getting rid of pile)
    Didn't count: 1 Large vintage Chanel 70's ish chain tote in black (never use it...)

    As you can see predominantly Chloe. Now to me this sounds excessive - but to be honest I really don't care - was just hoping that most of you who are on this site as regulars could top that by a lot just to make me feel better!

    And I still have a wishlist that never seems to get any shorter :P