Your Bag ShowCase

  1. Just wondering how long it takes for your collection thread to show up once it is submitted?
  2. depends on how busy we are.
    I try and check in there a few times/day, but sometimes I know I skip a day beacuse of how busy I am.
    Are you looking for yours?
    I'm pretty sure I approved it at least a few days ago.
    Let me check.
  3. I see what happened.
    Members may only start one thread, duplicates won't be approved.
    I approved one for you in there already so I just merged your new one to it.
  4. Got it.
  5. if you look at the bottom of the first post it says:
    Last edited by Swanky Mama Of Three : Jun 25th, 2007 at 11:18 PM. Reason: had to separate pics, they were too wide

  6. Maybe try again with smaller pictures and more group shots?
  7. that one was deleted since you had already started one.
    Just add a reply w/ any pictures you want included:yes:
  8. Thanks:tup: