Your "awwwwww" pictures!!

  1. Hey guys,

    I thought it'd be fun if we posted some of our favorite "awwww" pictures of our kids. I know not all of you are comfortable doing this, but if you are feel free and post! :biggrin:




  2. I did just that .... AWWWWW , totally adorable , i am hoping i won't be long now before i can share pictures of our little girl :yes:
  3. Wow she is absolutely beautiful Lami!! Vlad just said she looks like a baby straight from a commercial!!! :love:
  4. AWWwwwwww So precious :tender:
  5. Cutest kid ever!
  6. omg julia has the most amazing eyes melanie!! i had no idea.

    here's my nephew. not necessarily "awwww" but he makes the funniest faces! he makes me laugh. :smile:

    1. swinging in the tire swing (made from an actual tire!) at grandpa's farm in ND
    2. first swimming pool experience at auntie and grandma's hotel
    3. this reminds me of those funny cards where they put old style family pictures on the front then caption it. cracks me up.
    4. happy baby!
    5. enough with the pictures already!
    nathan1.jpg nathan2.jpg nathan3.jpg l_d9ff8c69319aaca00de510939c590dec.jpg l_f35eed273d8aea32b56742296c1e14d2.jpg
  7. Good idea! I have too many I'll try to post just a few. :p

    1. Belle was only a month or 2 old. I cant remember.
    2. Typing with Daddy.
    3. Self explanatory.
    4. Choosing her dinner at Gorden Biersh.
    5. Waiting for Grandma at Nordstrom Cafe.
    2months.jpg 5months2.jpg 6months1.jpg 6months.jpg NordstromCafe.JPG
  8. Omg and then this one is so funny. Its the first time she figured out how to sit up on her own. She was napping in her crib and I was laying the on the bed browsing the forum. I looked over at her crib and all I saw was this little smiling face. I about died from loving her so hard.
  9. lamiastella - Julia's big blue eyes are beautiful!!!

    My husband has blue eyes, but mine are so dark, they are nearly black. I was still hoping that Belle would somehow get blue eyes. Blue eyes are my fav.
  10. Belle is beautiful!! She has those smiling eyes... precious!!!
  11. Everyone's babies are just adorable!!!!! Love them all!!!

    Here's our little Nicholas..

    1. In his bear suit, getting ready to go out.
    2. After a bath, kicking his chubby legs around.
    3. Getting burped by daddy.
    DSC00805k.jpg DSC00787k.jpg DSC00776.JPG
  12. They're all so adorable!!!!!! :heart:

    Julie, that picture of Belle sitting up in the crib is too funny!! She's such a pretty girl :love:

    Ilzabet, #3 is so adorable! Kind of reminds me of this:

    ROFL!! :smile:

    Jen, Nicky has gotten so big! Look at those chubby cheeeeeksss!! I just want to pinch them :biggrin: lol
  13. Beautiful babies everyone!!

    Juicy Couture Jen--Nice to see updates of Nicholas. He's getting so big!
  14. awww... i can't wait to hold my baby soon.
    They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Your babies are ALL soooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!

    I have a lot of "awwww" pictures of my baby (and hubby), but this is my latest "awwww" picture :crybaby: