Your AUGUST score... eye-candy galore!!!

  1. Super cute color!

    I love this color so much...beautiful! leather looks great too.
  2. You're welcome:smile:
  3. Plum MAM!! :yahoo:
  4. Love plum so much! Congrats! I just got the plum MAB too!! :smile:
  5. Here are my August purchases so far...

    Navy Luxe MAB! Thanks again to lvsweeness and magjes for helping to ID the color. This color is so hard to capture, it's darker than the first two pictures.



  6. I also finally got PLUM MAB!! :yahoo:Sorry for the crappy pictures...



    Thanks for letting me share! :flowers: I am also anxiously waiting for wine mam to arrive, so I will definitely be posting pictures once that gets here! :graucho:
  7. Love the plum!!! The colour is so rich! You are so lucky! Wishing for one as well but I am on a 'diet'.... I can only buy 1 per month till end of the year...
  8. Beautiful! Loving to see plum is such a nice color for fall!

    Both great colors Denverite, congrats! I admire your navy lux MAB so much as a blue bag lover...gorgeous! And plum! I am so happy for you!!:woohoo:
  9. Mmmm plum MAB is so pretty! Ooh and wine MAM?!! That one is on my list of MAMs to get. Can't wait to see pics! Congrats!! :smile:
  10. Hey! Congrats on your plum MAB, too! Isn't it the most gorgeous color? The leather itself is amazing.
  11. Tangerine MAM with siggy hardware...She still has that gorgeous leather smell!:cloud9:
    Sincere thanks to VydaVeda and Denverite for helping me find her :flowers:



  12. Shes gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  13. Navy Luxe looks so smooshy and lazy. I love her!

    What a great color and the leather looks amazing!

    Man oh man !! I LOVE this bag!!!!
  14. Thank you! I should also be on a diet, lol. I have gone through my wishlist quickly this month. I promised DH that once I find the last 3 then I am officially banned for a while, lol. :biggrin:

    Thanks blackcat! I'm so happy you finally found the tangy mam too!! :smile:

    Thanks kaits! Wine is an amazing leather, I had a wine nikki a few years ago and sold it (and totally regretted it) so know I can't wait to have it back in a mam! :happydance:

    Yes, I just love the plum color with rosegold :drool: and am so happy to finally have it in a mab! I searched for what felt like forever, lol. I'm sure you will get so much use out of your mam, I swear the color goes with everything!

    Yay! You got it!! That one looks like it is fantastic condition, congrats!! :loveeyes:

    Thanks Magjes! I had been looking through the blue reference thread and never thought I'd get the chance to buy a navy luxe mab, so I'm very excited about that one! Plum is the most gorgeous color, would be perfect in a mac too! :graucho: