Your AUGUST score... eye-candy galore!!!

  1. Let me start ;) My August arrival... Choco/Cream basketweave MAM! More photos at my reveal thread from post #384



  2. Wow! was looking for this. A beauty!:yahoo: Congrats! Your RMs are all so nice!
  3. Thank you Hamhamjanice! :flowers:
  4. Some of mine....;) Arrived in the morning! but I have a few questions about the orange MAB

    1) The tag inside is now leather, does this means that it is the more current item? I miss the metal tag....
    2) I am surprised to find that the longer strap does not have a hook like the other MAB I have. Anyone know how to use this?? Where do I hook?
    3) The metalware seems lighter than my other MAB. I am kinda worried. Is this normal?
    20120804_105325.jpg 20120804_105343.jpg 20120804_105358.jpg 20120804_105419.jpg 20120804_105514.jpg
  5. Lovely! I think some of the mam's strap can only hook on the side which I don't like about... To me if that's the case I will only carry on my forearm
  6. Nice color combo! Another great buy :biggrin:
  7. I've posted in your collection thread too, but she's such a classy beauty! And her leather seems so darm soft!! Congrats :biggrin:

    Congrats Hamhamhanice!
    1) Yes, RM has changed the tag from metal one to leather one since this spring / summer collection I believe.
    2) I think your orange MAB is new "tangerine" - I used to have one - which comes with new style strap. you can attach it to the dog leash clasps on the side of your bag (you need to detach it from the bag's side D rings).
    3) Yes it is normal. I remember (used to be) my tangerine MAM had very plasticky, light weight hardware too.

    FYI :smile:
  8. Dear blackcat,

    THANK YOU! What a relief. Yes its a beauty too... Will be accompany me for work on Mon!
  9. Opps, apologies, its 'blackcat777'.
  10. Thank you blackcat! :flowers:
  11. Beautiful! This MAM is perfection in BW form. Love the leather on the body of it. So unique.. Congrats!

    Congrats on your Covet and MAB! You can never go wrong with an Orange bag. :woohoo:
  12. have the most amazing collection! What a fab addition. Love it! :smile:
  13. Ladies my new-to-me beauties have come home!!

    First, my BQP MAC with silver siggy hardware and fleur de lis lining


    AND my new-to-me Stonewash Blue MAM! Woohoo!


    Both from awesome TPFr's passing on their lovelies to me :smile:

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    No problem! "blackcat" is fine :smile:

    Here is my first August purchase. She's got few light scratches on her beautiful face, but her beautiful color is more than make up for a little cosmetic blemish! I'm in :love:
    Electric blue MAM
    Boy it is so hard to capture her true matter what I do, the color came up more blue-er than her color IRL

  15. OOOHHHHHMG, you've got both of them! What a great score!!
    They are both stunning...
    Congratulations big time!