Your attire?

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  1. What do you usually wear when you go to luxury stores? Do you dress up specially just to demand respect? Me? Just dress normal. Tank top with jeans and flats. Very hot here!!!
  2. Usually, really good jeans, Manolos or nice flats and a simple but well made top or sweater. I don't walk into Hermes in a Chanel suit or anything - or nothing overly formal.
  3. I think of comfort first. I definitely don't wear my very best or delicate clothes if I am going to be taking them on and off constantly.And I don't want my feet hurting. Comfy shoes.

    I am the customer,I know I have the money and I don't feel the need to convince anyone else that i do.

    the SA's are there to serve and help customers,not to assess whether their nett worth.

    Though I do like the expressions on some people's faces when this woman in jeans and ballet flats buys something they looked as if they didn't want me to touch.:lol:
  4. I don't dress in a particular way when I go shopping, I wear what I always wear: jeans and T-shirt in summer, and jeans and coat in winter. I give more inportance to my accessories that to my actual clothes: my favourite outfit is jeans and T-shirt or jeans and cashmere sweater and beautiful bag and shoes. As Coco Chanel said" less is more"...:biggrin:
  5. I try to wear chic clothes but nothing that looks like I'm trying too hard. Usually dark jeans, blazer, stylish shoes, and of course a great purse!
  6. It totally depends on where the location of the luxury store is. For example I would not wear sneakers when I'm out shopping in Italy or Paris. Usually I wear my normal clothes like Paige jeans, cashmere sweater, quality shoes and my Birkin. I try to make an effort to look nice as it usually pays off with better service.
  7. No. I don't really 'dress up'. But I don't wear anything dirty or stained or old/ripped either.
  8. This is OT, but, Koga, Paige are my new fave jeans! After two babies, the Paige jeans do wonders!
  9. I dont really dress up, I usually just wear some black pants, cute top, and a designer bag. I dont agonize over what to wear or anything.
  10. I know! Paige jeans make my legs look slimmer and longer:love:
  11. I don't give any thought about clothes when I shop...I'm a "lazy dresser" tend to be in jeans and what ever clothes are usually "fresh" as in clean and new so it's not like I look like bum, but I don't go out of my way to be logo labelled to impress anyone.

    However, my daughter is usually very well dressed with expensive clothes and shoes; I guess I spend all my time dressing her rather than make myself up, motherhood definitely changed things, I don't even wear makeup anymore...may a tad of lipstick and mascara on a less hurried day.
  12. I wore jeans today on purpose to Hermes at NM today. I wanted to make sure the kelly I want would look ok with jeans- I'm pretty casual more than anything.
  13. I usually wear simple but expensive clothes. I think it should be the SA's job to be well dressed to wait on me! hehehehehe
  14. I guess all of you are into comfort first. That's very wise!!!
  15. I don't really dress up. Just simple & chic clothes that I'd feel comfortable in. Oh...not forgetting a nice watch & a beautiful bag! :smile: