Your animal's birthday

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  1. So my miniature schnauzer Einsteins birthday is coming in less than two weeks. I was wondering if anybody celebrates for pets birthday. I am thinking to buy dog cake or something for him and our another female schnauzer. Anybody tried buying dog birthday cake from online? or from dog bakery?

    How do you celebrate for your pets birthday?
  2. On their first birthday we got them a doggie birthday cake from a nearby bakery! We threw them a whole party, everybody brought them presents. It was sweet :smile:
  3. I celebrate my babys bday every year!! I bring him to petco for a shopping spree, lol, and give him his favorite meal and a little bit of vanilla pudding (his favortie) and just treat him extra special.
  4. Oh yeah, and on their second birthday, we went to Red Robin and let them eat some fries and meat patties. :biggrin:
  5. haha we do that sometimes.. we live in california so theres In-n-out where they have fresh patties... they always recommend us getting it so we sometimes get it.. they love it...
  6. haha shopping spree sounds fun...i think my dog wants to have everything at petco..
  7. Yes, I had a 1st birthday party for my little girl a few months ago. Here are a few photo's



    Here is my other baby
  8. I have 3 cats so on their bday's i give htem extra attention and lots of cuddles, but thats really it lol
  9. omg those cake looks yummy.. I never seen dog birthday cake at local bakery but I will def ask if they make one or not...
    Did your dog had hard time finding how to eat? My dogs usually have hard time figuring out the first time when they eat their sweets (sprinkles, they took like 15 min to figure out the first time)

    Does cats have birthday cakes?? We were supposed to get a cat too.. but ended up with another dog.. 3 cats are alot of work!!
  10. I thought that too but cats are pretty self sufficient.

    My 3 boys are all brothers and we usually get them some new toys and treats on their Bdays. when we got our Petsmart card it had a place to put in Bdays and so every year they send coupons for toys.
  11. i have 2 cats, on their birthdays we give them their favourite foods, for Lucile it´s tuna in springwater, grilled salmon and roasted skinless chicken breast and a lot of play and cuddles, for Ezekiel, it´s roasted chicken breast covered with gravy sauce, red cheese but i try not to give him too much (that cat doesn´t know what ¨eating in moderaton means) and a kryspy kream donught :P and play and cuddles too.

  12. No problem eatting it.

    FYI... I got the cake at three dog bakery.
  13. I celebrate my dog's bday every year also. We usually buy him a special treat and a new toy. I never thought of getting a doggy cake, i'll get him that next year. I think I might throw him a big bday party.
  14. I give my baby a Frosty Paw and let her lay on my bed for the day, lol.
  15. My boy was a rescue cat who had been a stray, so I don't know when his birthday is :sad: Best I can do is celebrate the day I adopted him...which, quite by chance, is my birthday!