Your Alexander Wang in action ***PICS & CHAT***

  1. haha. I thought she meant Barbie. :smile:
  2. Well it wouldn't be the first time that i had been called that (mainly by my nephew who also thinks that his nanny is a princess :lol:)
  3. Awesome photos, love your style & rocco!!

  4. Love these pics!
  5. Rocco today:
    MP 004.JPG MP 012.JPG MP 014.JPG
  6. Thank you! :flowers:
  7. So pretty! may I pls know how much the darcy weighs? I have a baby and a toddler and definitely need to put in at least a small juice bottle and wipes, dipes and one set of clothes each lol but the darcy looks so fab esp on you. am thinking of getting the new birchwood. high maintenance color with little kiddos but I'm so in love with the Darcy birchwood! Kindly advise re weight? Thanks so much in advance!
  8. Hi All-Does anyone know if the AW Rocco is still made in black with the cupcake rose gold studs?
  9. Well i am not going to lie- i find the Darcy quite heavy, it hurts my shoulder after a while of carrying it, to me it is heavier than Rocco, i hardly carry it for that reason. It is such a beautiful bag but after an hour or so i have to pass it off to my husband to carry for me...
    I really wouldn't recommend it as a mummy bag. I have 1 already and another on the way and i very much doubt that this bag will get much wear soon, i will be on to lighter and more practical bags...
    Honestly i think you would be better off using the money for a bag that will be a comfortable and practical mummy bag :biggrin:
  10. Fun outfit - Like Gwen Stefani!
  11. Awww thanks hun, Gwen is certainly cool :cool:
  12. Thanks platinum_girly! Sorry for late response. My baby had the flu and wouldnt let me put her down! Sigh. I thought as much re weight. I do have a few of those practical mommy bags that weigh as much as what you end up stuffing them with lol. That darcy is just so darn purty
  13. Love your bag and your photos! Is this the Rocco with pale gold hardware??

  14. aww thanks! it's actually rocco with rosegold hw :biggrin: - rosegold is quite the chameleon! i've said it before and i'll keep saying it.... AW did rosegold SO RIGHT! it's very feminine and subtle, not overly "pink" and sometimes looks like pale gold in certain lighting/pics
  15. Just a quick Wang story:

    I met a lovely Indian girl in the airport yesterday - she had a black Rocco and was admiring mine, but it turns out hers was a fake from the bay and she's saving for a real one- so I wrote down the tpf website for her to browse and get more AW and purse education. She was super sweet. I hope she finds us.