Your Agenda.....

  1. Question for those of you that have an agenda.....Do you really use it? I just got mine in today (the red groom) and it is absolutely gorgeous but now I'm wondering if I'll ever use it. Maybe I'll just have to stare at it for awhile and think.
  2. Lol... :lol:

    I'm not sure I need an agenda too. Normally I use my phone calendar for meetings, to-do list, etc. But I'm thinking of getting the framboise or mono koala agenda. :sweatdrop: I love them both, can't make up my mind on which to get. But then again, not even sure if I need an agenda since I can live without one now. :shrugs: :shame:
  3. I got the Blue Groom Agenda the day of the launch and I have used it every day since! I love it. I put all my appointments in it and flight/travel dates. LOVE IT:yahoo:
  4. i have the monogram koala agenda...and i use it as a wallet pretty i have a phone everything usually goes in there, but once i get my hello kitty agenda refills, i will use my koala agenda as a agenda/wallet lol
  5. i have a Monogram Mat Medium Agenda, and i use it A LOT :yes:. it helps me keep track of all my rehearsals and gigs :lol:
  6. My Agenda is a girls best friend! As a working mom, it helps me stay organized. I just got the Yellow Groom one myself, to replace my boring LV Mono one ;)
  7. I got my mono koala small ring agenda less than 2 weeks ago and I've basically been using it everyday. Plus it's so pretty that it makes a joy to record every appointment down! :love:

  8. what is you job? :jammin:
  9. I use mine as a wallet and an agenda

  10. YES, i love it!
  11. I got the red agenda as well, but I think it's too nice to use!!! So I went and bought the koala one in black! ;)
  12. Yes.. i have one (Monogram Vernis - Fuchsia).. i love it :love:
  13. YES I just got one on Sunday! And I love her she's great...I'm going to use her mostly for keeping track of appointments and work things, plus to hold all my to do lists...if you get one now, you can prob get some free refills, since it's so late in the year...
  14. :weird: i'm a student
  15. I use my small ring vernis frambroise agenda at least 6 times a day!

    I use it as a wallet too, thanks to Lola's great suggestion!