Your age when you got your first LV


Your age when you have your first LV

  1. <5

  2. 5-10

  3. 11-15

  4. 16-20

  5. 21-25

  6. 26-30

  7. 31-35

  8. 36-40

  9. 41-50

  10. >50

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  1. Let's have a poll! :p
  2. whoo hoo, first to vote in this poll! i think i was about 22 when i got my first LV. before that, i never really carried bags often since i was a student, and always carried a backpack.
  3. i was 20 - i get a cb pouchette and a mc pouchette
  4. 20... so not that long ago :amuse: I'm turning 22 in May... :yes:
    edit: It was the Hudson PM btw... :love:
  5. I was 33, my current age, but that's when it peaked my interest, I know I could have purchased it earlier had I wanted one. I knew about it obviously before but wasn't as into it, preferred Fendi, Prada and Burberry. Now I've ditched them all except Burberry.
  6. In my teens, can't remember exactly how old.
  7. i was around 23 or 24... and it was only a vintage petite noe that costs me 150$
  8. March 20th 2004 Keepall 50 with strap for NYC trip, I was 15 :smile:
  9. It was my senior year of high school. I was 17 and my parents got my mono pochette for me for Valentine's was only $270 total and that was with the extender added in.
  10. 26...petite mono bucket
  11. I was 16 and i got the Mono Pap 19 :smile:
  12. 10/10/2005 I was 18 :biggrin:
    I got the mono Trotteur and a Clés after saving for a year! lol I told myself that I'd be deliriously happy FOREVER with just this one bag........ lol.... ya, apparently I wasn't happy enough lol
  13. 33, one year ago.
  14. 21, last year.
  15. I was 35.........last year