Your Advice?

  1. Hi everyone...I just wanted a little advice on what I should do..I purchased 2 "Gucci" bags from a website and had talked to the seller a lot before purchasing. She said she guarantees authenticity and everything, swearing they are only authentic.

    So when I received the bags I am 99.9% sure they are both FAKE! They are the large chain hobo...One canvas and one leather. On the canvas one, the trim looks plastic and smells very bad! The logo looks off and serial also.

    I told the seller and she was very rude, immature and defensive! She said she can take them back but will charge me a 15% restocking fee.

    She says that they are authentic and she "Wishes someone would try to sue her so she can prove their authenticity." So why can't she prove it to me now? She is obviously a liar, so I am afraid now to just send them back without getting the money back. She may just try to not give me the money back in the end or try to say I sent her back different bags...Who knows!

    I was just thinking, should I open up the PayPal dispute? I paid with my PayPal debit card through Google checkout but I am still able to open the dispute through PayPal.

    Do you think going through PayPal is the smarter thing to do? I know it will probably draw out the process but do you think PayPal will give the money back this way and end the dispute in my favor? She may use a false supplier or something and convince PayPal that the bags are real...Plus I don't know what PayPal does if authenticity is the issue.

    Any advice would be great...I just think dealing with her privately is useless since she is being very rude and immature, I am afraid to send the bags back and she just all of the sudden disappears...At least PayPal will see her e-mails if we're in a dispute...then they will see how rude she is about the whole thing!

    Has anyone had any experiences like this? :confused1:
  2. I've had experiences with eBay sellers, not online stores. If you paid with paypal you could try to get your money back through them. you could get your bags authenticated through mypoupette or a similar company and show paypal the evidence that they are fake. Sending the seller the bag could be risky for the reasons you mentioned. If in the paypal process they ask you to return the bag make sure you get proof of postage and delivery confirmation/tracking..whatever is available. I hope someone else has some more advice also..I can't seem to think of anything else.
  3. Oh yeah and :rant::mad::cursing: at the seller. I'm sorry this has happened to you and hope it works out!
  4. Would you explain to me what's a Paypal debit card? Is that Paypal balance? And the seller uses google checkout or Paypal?
  5. Post pics in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread so we can look at it....
  6. I would...

    If the bag is 100% NOT genuine?
    Get your money back!!! -Paypal?...
    Report it to eBay & Police?...

    AND SUE HER! (if you can...:confused1:) She will LOVE it-

    :tup: We're here for you!
  7. Yeah there are people like this all over eBay... They say things like, definitely authentic, go ahead and sue me, it's real I don't need to prove it yada yada... Just so that their 'confidence' will hopefully come off as them telling the truth and give potential buyers some 'assurance'. Wrong way to go about to try and get some credibility. But what can I say, there are heaps of crooks out there and they will do anything and say anything to get some of people's money.
  8. Thanks everyone for the advice! I will see what mypoupette has to say...That's a great idea. I'm sure the person I bought from comes on the forums so I don't want to disclose it until my case is solved, but it was not Ebay that I purchased from. If you'd like to know send me a message and I'd be happy to disclose it though...I don't want you guys getting in this same situation!!

    She kept saying how Ebay buyers are tough, they always think bags are fake...Yea, they do when you sell FAKES!

    Grr anyways...I did post one of the bags in the authenticate this thread and only one person responded but she said it looks fake. If you guys get time maybe you can take a look? It is a black Guccissima Chain Hobo...Well, that is what it's supposed to be.
    I want to post pics of the other one though, because that one is the one that looks even worse.
    I am in the process of moving right now but when I get time in the next couple of days I will post them. I am going to go to mypoupette and also open the dispute through PayPal.

    To answer the question about payment...I paid with my PayPal debit card through Google Checkout. The Google invoice is the one she sent me, so that's why I paid that way.
    With the PayPal debit card it is used as a traditional bank debit card but comes out of your PayPal balance.
    I looked at the transaction details and I am able to open the dispute so I am happy about that, hopefully I will get my money back. I can't believe she said If I return them I will be charged the 15% restocking fee!

    Some people can be so frustrating...Thanks for all the advice though! You guys are great. :smile:
  9. Nope you should definately not have to pay any restocking fee. I would guess the paypal dispute process for ebay is the same/similar for their debit card. I'm no good at authenticating so can't help there but I'll check it out anyway. Hope it gets resolved in your favor quickly! Keep us posted..