Your advice matters.. what would you do?

  1. I have been on an endless search for a white medium sized Modern Chain tote. I have a red one, and love it, therefore I am certain I would love a white one for spring/summer so my red one can have a rest.

    With no success, I have settled for a white small diamond stitch tote.

    I am on the waiting list for a white baby cabas.

    If I had my choice of all three right now, I know that I want the modern chain.

    I'm not sure I like the wide bottom of the DST.

    Fact is, I want a white bag. The only thing that I'm not crazy about on the baby cabas is the exterior pattern. I think it's kind of plain--I wish it looked more like the original.

    So, what would you do?

    1. do you think I'll ever find a medium sized MC in white, or should I give up?
    2. Keep the white DST?
    3. Return the DST and wait on a baby cabas?
  2. When you say medium sized do you mean the one that runs North/South? They only came in two sizes and the SA's always referred to them as "large" and "small". The large being the one that was more east/west, and small being north/south oriented.

    Before their release I called everywhere to try to get on a waitlist for the white north/south "small" MC tote. I could not find anyone who ordered it in white.

    Personally, I would get large white diamond stitch tote if you can find it. But I think the baby cabas is also a great bag, so I think you can't go wrong either way.
  3. I am looking for the "small" based on what you said--the one that runs North/South.
  4. What has customer service been able to tell you about the white n/s? I was told it was not ordered for the US market. Try Chanel in Canada - they might have ordered them.:yes:
  5. I would go for the MC (if you can get it !)
  6. I think the north/south white MC tote would be beautiful! I have the red one and didn't know they even made the white in that size. But, maybe US stores didn't order it. I'm anxious to see the white bags Chanel has out for spring.
  7. I called the 800 Chanel and they said that the boutiques sold out of the MC's a long time ago and they were not remaking/reordering them. I also called the Chanel in Calgary Canada, at the advise of someone on the Chanel Shopping thread, and they did not have it either.

    I had a personal shopper at Neimans do a search, and they could not locate one. I have not tried that with Saks.

    However, I did find a white Modern Chain hobo--which I thought was impossible to find, a NM in FL had it (if anyone is interested let me know and I"ll get you the # and SA name).
  8. Don't forget to try Bergdorf's, Bloomindales, and Nordstrom.:yes:
  9. I would wait for the bag that I really loved.
  10. I think all 3 sounds really nice.. :love::love: But most importantly.. which one of them makes your heart flutter?? :yes:
  11. agree!:yes:
  12. White Modern Chain is where my heart is for sure. I just found out from Saks that they never even ordered this style. (meaning the small tote).

    I haven't tried the Bloomies, Bergs or Nord....

    I have found 2 white Modern Chain hobos though--snatch 'em up girls!!! one is at the Saks in Richmond, ask for Benjamin he was super nice and so eager to help.