your advice is important to me!!!

  1. Hi all,
    I have an east/west waiting for me. It's salmon lambskin with gold hardware. I really want one with silver hardware but was ready to get this.
    My SA's manager managed to get some fine scratches off the inner flap with leather cleaner and now it looks as good as new. Funny enough, my SA was not that keen on me purchasing it because she said it would look much better with silver h/w(not that NM brought that in!!!!) and that this bag has been handled for a while(even though it's in perfect condition). She wants me to be 100% happy.
    What do you think? It's priced at $1550 which is still the old price.....Should I wait for the next collection to come along (which may be next year and more expensive)?
    HELP!!! :sad:....I do love the colour......:confused1:
  2. no, wait for exactly what you want.
    Don't take it in gold because it's available, wait for what you want:yes:

    just my opinion ;)
  3. ^I agree. I know it's at the "original" price, but honestly I'd rather pay the post-increase price for a color and hardware I'm TRULY in love with.
  4. I agree. I think you should get what you want and not settle :smile:
    It will be just a couple dollars more. So: I would wait :smile:
  5. I really think you should wait as well.
    You're going to be much more happier with the hardware and color you truly like.
  6. Thanks so much all of you.
    I'm just scared I will actually love it IRL. Have any of you seen it IRL? Or at least a salmon with gold h/w?
  7. I saw it before and I like it. However, it is only because I like flap with gold hardware so I am biased.

    I do think you should wait to get the one you really love.
  8. I've not seen it IRL but it looks fab from the pic..Still think you should get it.
  9. i think that this colour looks very good with gold hardware.
    but you should only get it if you like it more than the silver hardware.
  10. i would wait if you are in love with the silver hardware but that one with gh is quite pretty too. but don't get it just cuz it's available now, wait for what you really want.
  11. I think salmon is gorgeous. I would take it especially if it's still in the old price.
  12. I would wait for exactly what you want. I believe I've heard that the flaps are coming out s/s '08 in salmon.
  13. ohh i love it, i love gold hardware, but if you love silver just wait for it! it won't be long!!! and if your SA even thinks you should wait (knowing she gets commission) you should probably wait! =] btw the salmon bag is SO pretty...ahhh i wish i didn't get black now
  14. I love the salmon with gold h/w! But then, I wear mostly gold jewelry so I prefer gold h/w anyway.

    I think the salmon colour works fabulously with gold h/w, because it's warm with warm. The silver is cold with warm, which is great if that's what you want, but the gold is very, very elegant!
  15. Wait for exactly what you want, otherwise, you will spend extra money later for your target anyway. Otherwise, you will regret for what you've done! I'm sure, because I have more than once of such experience before!