Your 5 must have beauty items?

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  1. 1. jack black lip balm cherry 747s false lashes
    3. face wash
    4. liquid eyeliner (pen style)
    5. eyebrow powder
  2. Hi! It's my first post :smile: Here are my 5 must have beauty items:

    1. Bioderma Sensibio H20 ( I can use it even when I'm out and needs instant face cleaning. I always bring it with me and some cotton pads. Also doesn't irritate my oily allergy prone skin).

    2. Chanel Mat Lumiere Powder in Aurore ( Works well for my oily skin and it has SPF 25 which is an added bonus).

    3. Chanel Coco Shine in Aventure ( Doesn't feel heavy.)

    4. The Body Shop Absinthe Hand Sanitizer ( It makes your hand smell super clean and doesn't dry hands like other sanitizers). ;)

    5. Sephora express nail polish remover ( Just in case of an emergency, good to have it handy always).
  3. 1. sunscreen: obagi nu derm
    2. tinted moisturizer: chantecaille just skin
    3. black eyeliner: most likely mac carbon
    4. body lotion: kiehl's coriander
    5. lip balm: dior creme de rose
  4. For me, it's all about what happens before the make-up is applied. Any color can look great if your skin does.

    1. Estée Lauder idealist pore minimizing serum

    2. Benefit ooh la lift eye cream

    3. Lush lip scrub (bubble gum)

    4. Epicurean discovery bee propolis serum

    5. Kiehl's epidermal retexturizing micro-dermabrasion scrub
  5. 1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O
    2. Clarins Lotus face oil
    3. Eye liner (favorite is Smashbox pen style)
    4. Lipstick (especially my Bobbi Brown)
    5. Kerastase oleo relax
  6. 1. Those lemon flavor lip balms from bath and body.
    2. Clinique surge intense moisturizer
    3. Clinique super defense SPF 25
    4. Clinique 7 day scrub
    5. Clinique liquid facial soap

    I'm obsesses with cliniques... Only because it's probably the only brand my skin is like not allergic to...
  7. 1- Clarisonic Mia w/ new Luxe Cashmere brush head (like angel wings fluttering on your skin, get one, you will thank me)

    2- Sheet Masks by Shiseido, Martinni, Karuna, When, Masqueology, Mica (use them 3x week, gives my skin a good drink of serum)

    3- Bioderma, to remove eye makeup, simply the best

    4- Beauty Rx Vitamin C serum

    5- Guerlain Meteorites Illuminator (the tiny pearl-like balls in the tin)
  8. Hi,
    I am very beauty conscious so i used many products but these are very important.
    Smoothing Cleanser
    Vitamin Toner
    Body Love Buttercream
    Soft Focus Perfecting Powder
    Lash Extension Kit
    Mineral Foundation
  9. 1. Clairsonic aria with luxe cashmere head

    2. Aveda cooling gel mask for post workout/sauna/hot tub sessions

    3. Vitamin c serum - Murad used in conjunction with their Vitamin c mask does wonders.

    4. Eye Creme with caffeine

    5. Epicuren discovery propolis serum
  10. For me now the weather is warmer

    1. Serge Lutens mien de rien
    2. Serge Lutens lip pencil
    3. Cle de peau eye balm
    4. Sisley cleanser
    5. Sisley day/night creams
  11. 1. Sunscreen
    2. Clarisonic Mia 2
    3. Shu Uemura cleansing oil
    4. JOJOBA oil
    5. Vitamin E oil
  12. brow liner-MUST!
    eye liner
  13. This is hard. Off the top of my head:

    1. Argan oil
    2. Lip balm
    3. Toner/moisturizer
    4. Exfoliant
    5. Perfume
  14. 1. Cleanser

    2. Exfoliator

    3. Toner & Moisturizer

    4. Eye Cream

    5. Clarisonic
  15. * The Body Shop green tea facial wash

    * Giovanni tea tree shampoo and conditioner

    * The Balm Meet Matte palette

    * Urban Decay liquid eyeliner in perversion

    * Benefit Sun beam