Your 5 absolute wardrobe essentials

  1. Moi:
    1. Pearl stud earrings
    2. A good strand of real pearls (but hey, fakes might do... Jackie did wear faux pearls)
    3. Little black dress
    4. Camel-hued cashmere turtleneck
    5. White sundress

    Et toi?

    Practicing my awful French on ya'll. :shocked:
  2. Pour moi, c'est tres difficile decider, mais je pense:

    1. classic black trousers
    2. cashmere cardigan
    3. classic white shirt
    4. perfect black shoes with a little pizzazz (for me, it's patent trim and strap)
    5. pearl drop earrings.
  3. Black formal/dressy purse
    Black strappy shoes
    little black dress
    conservative ivory blouse
    the right attitude :smile:
  4. hehe! You humored me! Je t'adore. :flowers:

    The French won't even speak French with me in France!
  5. 1. Reef flip flops
    2. A comfortable pair of jeans
    3. Tank tops, many of them
    4. Comfy summer shorts, denim or khaki
    5. Cute summer sundress

    Keep in mind that I live in Florida :cool: Work clothes, schmerk clothes :rolleyes: :P
  6. Only 5....

    just the basics to build on?

    ...Pour Moi...

    -little black dress
    -white blouse
    -pearls (can I list them all together here?)
    -black cardigan (always, even in the summer...inside in the States due to airconditioning, and outside in France, due to the air=)
    -black skirt

    Oh lalalala...doesn't that seem a little borring? only hard!
  7. 1. Jeans
    2. White t-shirt (or grey, I love both)
    3. Black cashmere turtleneck
    4. A great blazer
    5. A fabulous bag!

    Oh...and my Chaco sandals, Clarks heeled boots (which are really starting to bother my arches now!), and a pair of diamond earrings!
  8. I work for a french company. I've learned that the French often like you to make an effort at speaking french (as a courtesy), but usually they find that their english is better than our french so they switch to english when they really want to communicate something.
  9. Oui, c’est vrai ! Si vous faites un effort, c’est ça qui compte !

  10. 1. Black light wool lined slacks
    2. Black Stuart Weitzman ankle boots
    3. Silk blend turtleneck (current fave is wine colored)
    4. Gold hoop earings
    6. Cashmere crewneck or v-neck sweater
  11. 1. Jeans in a darker wash
    2. Simple black heels
    3. Great pair of earrings
    4. Wool slacks
    5. Cashmere v-neck sweater in camel or red

    Fun question!
  12. 1. Diamond stud earrings
    2. Strand of pearls
    3. Black Pantsuit
    4. Good leather handbag
    5. Classic Black pumps
  13. 1. Jeans
    2. Studs
    3. T-shirts/Tanks
    4. V-neck sweater
    5. My North Face jacket (I wear that thing EVERYWHERE! I'm allergic to cold weather or even mild weather.)
  14. 1. designer jeans
    2. black cashmere turtleneck
    3. great blazer
    4. tons of layering tanks
    5. black boots
  15. a lovely skirt (or ten)
    a well-fitted light jacket
    a pair of cute flats
    colourful tops
    annd my Chi! ;)