Your 3 Most-Worn Lipglosses


Jan 29, 2006
1. Stila Grapefruit gloss (shimmery light pink)
2. Benetint on lips
3. Too Faced Lip Injection (doesn't really plump but has a great shine and I find the tingling sensation addicting!)
oooh i love my juicy tubes!!!!!
1. juicy tubes
2. dior addict
3. ? not much else...the body shop has really good mandarin smelling lipgloss though! love :love:

i would have more juicy tubes...but i haven't bought one in forever! i sense a lipgloss spree in the near future :biggrin: . also before i found juicy tubes and was like 10 i bought tons and tons of cheap lipgloss (bonnebell, etc.)

pictures...why not?? :amuse: . i have more juicy tubes...but i can't find a picture of all of them...


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IntlSet said:
Are Juicy Tubes sticky? Heavily scented?

somewhat sticky...but due to their stickyness they last pretty long and i don't think they are heavily scented. most of them do smell good though, but it's not overpowering and i can't smell it when i'm wearing it.
What about the MAC lipglosses, they're pretty good. The Viva Glam IV is nice, goes with every skin color. I do love the juicy tubes, the taste and smell but unfortunate they don't seem to last as long as MAC glosses.
Is it really possible that every thread just keeps getting better??? I love this place! In the last few weeks of joining I have realized my obsession with bags, jewels, makeup has been so repressed. Obvious to others but not so talked about by me...LOVE this release!
I love all MAC lipsticks.... after many experiments I find that these work best for me. OH and Laura Mercier. Loving Pathouli with spice liner at the mo...(from LM)
Mac...Jest, mini mauve, and poppy ... also just ordered some gorgeous trio from Origins that I read about in my US mag this week..
Hey, new to this site but after being off work for two weeks (wisdom teeth out) I have become totally hooked I love it!

My fave lipgloss ever is Laura Mercer, I now have to stock up in advance- I honestly believe it makes your lips twice the size!!

I have so many comments when wearing it!
Mariah! Great collection. I love juicy tubes, too. They are my favorite. They last so long & keep my lips from getting chapped. My favorite glosses are: JT in Honey Violet, Clinique Black Honey, & Philosophy Cinnamon Buns