::your 2006 Wishlist::

  1. by now we all pretty much know the fall line and the incoming winter line, so now that we've seen it all this year, what do you want from it?
  2. 1. Baby Stam in black with gold hardware
    2. Mulberry Joel or La. Bas. Woven Leather Messenger Bag
    3. Chanel Yellow Valentine Hobo
    4. Burberry Travel Silk Scarf
    5. A Clutch/Wallet
    6. Coach Signature Mini Skinny
  3. ooh I want the Chloe Stack heel shoes in tan - piccie vogue.com
    which will look fab with black thick tights and trousers, so I think I shall use them alot.
    I have purchased the Fendi B bag and Belt too, so am already thinking ahead ;)
    I would also love the new Chloe boots with straps - sigh
  4. i didnt like anything fall yet!!
    but on my wish list for the rest of this year
    is a..
    chloe paddy in blanc!! :love: :girlsigh:

    thats it!! <<well.. hopefully!:Push:
  5. 1. YSL Muse in orange
    2. Miu Miu "IT" bag (the names so long... well, you know which one I'm talking about)
  6. (1) Hermes Birkin 30 cm chevre in cognac or vermillion
    (2) Balenciaga in metallic (hoping they will offer metallics during the
    holiday season)
    (3) Versace Jacquard Bowler (I already ordered it. I should be
    receiving it around the 24th of this month.) Here's a pic of it.:love:
  7. My wishlist:
    1) Louis Vuitton Mirroir Speedy!
    2) Baby Stam in black with gold hardware
    3) Some scarves!
  8. 1. Sunflower paddy satchel
    2. Equestrian boots
    3. Camel hair pea-coat
  9. Chloe Edith
    Damier Azur speedy
    LV stamped bag in grey
    YSL Muse

    And probably (quite) a few more...:love:
  10. Prada's new Fall bag, the Cervo Animalier Satchel. YUM!!!!! :love:
  11. To win the lottery!
  12. Balenciaga Rouge/red City bag!!!
  13. Balenciaga Rouge Vif City(on the waitlist)
    Balenciaga Blue India Work/City/Twiggy/First(still can't decide--on the list for a City right now)
    LV BH and zippy wallet(not new for the Fall, but on my wishlist nonetheless)
    LV Damier Azur Zippered Tote(don't know what this looks like yet, hoping it will look like the BH with a zippered top or the Vernis Brentwood)
    Chanel Cambon Large Tote in Black/Black(not new for fall, but on my wishlist nonetheless)
  14. :roflmfao: amen!! basically my plan is to get the baby stam in my hands by the next couple of weeks, i already picked up the skinny, i think i may have found a mj wallet on ebay that would take care of the wallet/clutch dilemma, except since ive never done ebay before i dont know if its real or not, and the chanel valentine i'd get in the winter/spring, sounds like a good plan right? the burberry scarf i'd only like if they made a bag out of it..:girlsigh: :love: :tender: :love: :tender: :love::girlsigh:
  15. Bag-wise, so far, just a Derek Lam bag.