Your 1st LV

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  1. How old were you when you first bought/received your Louis Vuitton, which bag was it, and what price was it?

    Mine was Cerise speedy, i purchased myself, price $995 (purchased it for $830 before it went disc. on eBay :graucho:)
  2. I was 29 when I bought my first LV and it was a Damier Speedy 25 at AUD840.
  3. I was 22, Damier Speedy with AUD840

    I think this topic has been discussed before. Use the search button and you will find it ;)
  4. 21, the same age that I am now! Before then I could have cared less about purses---I didn't even carry one!

    I purchased the mono speedy 25.
  5. I was 28, it was Valentine's day, and I bought myself a mono speedy 25.
  6. 22, Monogram Canvas Pochette Accessories.
  7. I was 14/15 years old, Epi Yellow Petit Noe, was a gift from ex bf ;)
  8. Goodness, my first LV & 2nd in the one day was only last November at the ripe age of 44. They were the Mono & Azur pochettes. Love them and let me tell you the LV haul has grown heaps in just a few months..I moved onwards and upwards..
  9. 19/20, I got a wallet because my dog chewed my old wallet.
  10. I was 17 and bought myself the damier cles, escalated since then!!
  11. I bought my 1st Lv when I was 33-years old and it was my musette for $450.00. It's a pre-loved piece.
  12. Around 17, it was the mono pochette and it believe it was around $200 at the time. Not sure though.
  13. I was 18, 42 now, and I believe it was $285.00 for the Mono Speedy 25! and I still have it!
  14. I was 35 and it was the popincourt haut and it was $850 I think. When I was in my teens and 20's I didn't care about high end handbags at all.
  15. A musette, bought for about 350 pounds at Selfridges in London during a holiday in 2002.

    (I only started being aware of LV and other luxury brands in 2000, would you believe? :yes: Before that I thought if I got me a Coach, then life is good. hahahaha! it's funny to me now.)