Your 1st designer bag? Thoughts on Rivoli Pm?

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  1. What are your thoughts on the rivoli pm? Im still 20 and i purchased it as my first designer bag, still waiting for it in the mail. Thoughts about the bag please? Also, do you guys tend to keep your first designer bag as long as you can or do you eventually sell them
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  2. I think that is an amazing bag! Congrats. I keep all my LVs.
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  3. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations :smile: my first designer bag was a small Mulberry lily, and yes I keep it for memories, I don’t reach for it much these days though
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  4. When did you guys find out you're into collecting designer?
  5. Congrats on the rivoli and your first designer :yahoo: I didn’t have any sentimental attachment to my first bag and I’m trying to be as minimalist as possible so I usually sell the items I never reach for. So mine is long gone, but I believe it was a balenciaga city :P I started my interest when I was 16 and got my first big paycheck from a part time job.
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  6. I have the Rivoli PM! My husband gave it to me for my birthday back in January. I got to carry it for a few weeks before the virus showed up and made us all stay home. :sad: I loved it every time I carried it. It holds a lot...similar to a Speedy B 25 but with a much larger opening. I also like the handles...they are much more user friendly than the handles on a speedy IMO. The pleats give it an elegant look. I still have my first LV bag...a Verona PM. I don't use it as much anymore, mostly because I've added so many other bags since I got it. But I still love it and probably will never get rid of it because it was my first designer bag and I'm sentimental about things like that.

  7. thank you for the response!! I am the same as well. somethings hold sentimental value.
  8. Congrats on your first bag! I think the Rivoli looks very classy and practical.

    My first bag was a medium YSL kate tassel bag, which I sold. I needed money at that particular point in time, and I didn’t want to part with any other bag. The kate just didn’t move me the way other bags did.
  9. I love the Rivoli PM. It's a beautiful bag. I didn't start my designer handbag collection until I was in my forties. It quickly became one of my very favorite "hobbies", lol. The artistry and craftmanship are what I love about designer bags.
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  10. My first was the speedy 25 bando in ebene, then croisette in azur, then mm never full ebene.
  11. Congrats on your first designer bag! Welcome to the dark side. :smile: I think the Rivoli is a beautiful and classic bag. I never sell my bags, but I'd definitely never sell my first! My first premier designer was a Chanel XL GST and even though it's not my most used bag, I'd save it in a fire because of the sentiment it holds. I was very proud when I was able to afford to buy it! I hope you cherish this experience too, whether you keep the bag down the road or not! :smile:
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  12. wooowwww a chanel, how old were you?
  13. when I was about 13 and used to use my mums bags haha! My first bag was when I was 16 (a mulberry on sale), it was just an upwards spiral from there :biggrin::biggrin:
  14. :smile: I was 28 years old and had finally started seeing a profit in the company I had launched. Before that, I had purchased from some contemporary designers or diffusion lines (Coach, Marc By Marc Jacobs, etc.). It didn’t have quite the same buzz as a first premier designer purchase!
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  15. Rivoli PM is such a pretty mono bag. I returned it bec the opening is too narrow, comparing to the buttom (width 17 cm! ) or ie. Trivoli. It looks lots bigger outside than its inside capacity. I‘d bag that looks big outside n could hold much or having a small one with less storage, if you understand what I mean. Someone wrote somewhere here, Rivoli PM (32 cm) could hold as much as Speedy 25 (25 cm). Speedy 25 looks way smaller and more compact.

    I forgot the name of my first LV bag, didnt have it anymore. My recent oldest LV is Barkely (2002). My first designer bags (forgot which one is older) were Céline and Chloé.
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