Youngest Mother in the World

  1. holy crap, how is that even possible??
  2. OMG, what a freak! She had her period at 8 months??? That's just disgusting. Now I'm thinking this story is bogus.

    Who the heck is the father? (shudders, thinking of how this child conceived the child) that's just gross.
  3. Okay, I just read this to my husband... he is grossed out. lol. I mean, so am I, but he was saying.. ."whoever looks at my little girl funny is in deep sh*t."
  4. :shocked:How is that possible?!
  5. Well, whoever raped her may be rotting in hell now.
  6. I saw this last time. But still wow, that is just unbelievable.
  7. Oh I didnt know it was already posted.
  8. 'I've seen this before, many sources on the internet confirms it. I remember reading an article of how overweight children in the UK ntered puberty pre maturely and it described a 6 year old having her period so I think this might not be bogus. However it's so long ago, you never know.
  9. She had precocious puberty, it's rare, but possible.
    This wouldn't be news if it weren't for the fact this little girl was sexually molested, and as a result, became pregnant.

    But no one focused on that back then, it seems.
    That's what so sad about it.
  10. They actually arrested her father. But it was never proven if the baby was his or not. They didnt have the tests back then that they do now.
  11. if that story is true why is the child/mother a freak?? it's not her fault she got her period at the age of 5 nobody has control over that
  12. wow, I thought urban legend for sure. Godd job on the snopes link too.