1. I was just talking with some friends. One of them went out a guy on a blind date who described himself as young. He turned out to be 38. :wtf: We all started talking about age is young and and what's not. So, what age do you consider "young"?

    Personally, I fell 25 and down is young. Not that 26 is old, but it's not "young" imo. Like you can't be 21 and be young and 31 and be considered young, kwim?. It's not the same.
  2. Well, I guess it depends on who you are talking to! LOL!

    IUf you ask a 12 yr old if 38 is young, they'll probably say NO! But if you ask a 38 yr old, they'll say yes.
    38 IS considered young by most people. . .
    How old are you out of curiosity?

    I turned 32 in Nov and think I'm young.
  3. I am scared, why are you saying that!!! I am 26!!!

    I think 30 is not young anymore :p

    Sorry Swanky!!
  4. I am not sure what the avergae age to live to is these days, but anything under half of that should be considered young IMO.
  5. Nevermind, got your age:

    Date of Birth:
    March 15, 1987 Age:

    this is why you think I'm old!:lol:
  6. Obviously, your preception changes as you age. Now I consider anything under 30 as young. Plus, as you alluded to, attitude has a lot to do with it. My in laws are in their late 60's, and I consider them 'young', they are so are constantly travelling, play tennis or golf everyday. Snow ski, way better than me and always have some party or concert they are going to.

  7. I just turned 20. :wlae: I'm not saying 26 and over equals old, but there's a certain point in my opinion when you're just not young. Like, ok, say a 31 and a 21 year old. When you're 21, you're just allowed to drink staring to get into your own, kwim? When you're 31, you usually have your stuff together. Know where you are and where you're going. I'm not saying it's old, but it's not young. There's inbetween of old and young.

    What do you feel is young? Like x and under.
  8. Isn't that middle aged? :confused1:
  9. I think life expectancy today is 70.
  10. LOL :roflmfao:
  11. I would say under 30 is young.
  12. uum, yes, halfway between life and death is middle agaed.

    To me, if you're not halfway there yet, you're still young!
  13. It's all relative, so arriving at an "answer" to what's young or old doesn't concern me. Knock yourself out.:p
  14. I'm thirty, and sometimes I think I'm old.

    But when I think about my boyfriend, who is almost 46, I feel young.

    When I think about my parents as compared to me OR my boyfriend, I think they're old (mom 55, dad 61).

    But when I think about my parents as opposed to my grandmother, who is almost 91, I think they are young.

    When I get carded when I buy alcohol, I feel young.

    But when I see a newborn baby, I feel old.

    It's all so relative, and all so much a matter of nothing more than perception.
  15. Well, I guess "young" would be anthing under 25 IMO. But I also don't think that at 31 I am old either. When I think of the word young in reference to age I think immature.