Young girls...

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  1. I was walking to a local store with my friend and we saw my young neighbor who's about 14ish with a MC speedy 30. It didn't really bother me or anything. I :love: mc speedies. But it bothered my friend. She was all a girl that age is too young for a bag like that. So, I was wondering how would you guys feel if you saw a young girl with a real bag like that?
  2. If it was a mini speedy, or the pochette accessories, that probably would have been more age appropriate. But I think the MC Speedy 30 is way too big for a 14-year-old to carry. Though the MC bags are cute and fun, I think younger girls should stick to carrying only certain styles until they are older. To me, it would seem as if she were trying to look older.
  3. Yeah, I think the style is not befitting for a young girl. But hey, no prob with anyone of any age using LV. It's classic.
  4. I don't know her very well. So, I don't know if she was trying to be older, but she's pretty tall so it looked nice.
  5. are u sure they were 14. When I go without makeup, dressed in sweats or just in plain jeans and tank top flats, people cant mistake me for that, cause I have such small bones and I am 5'1 .Hmm, if she was 14, hey good for HER!
  6. ^^I agree. Good for her. I think the bag may be big for her, but then again I had friends who carried big bags when I was in high school. (many years ago).
  7. I know she's about 13-14 because she goes to this school that's close to my home and it ends at 8th grade.
  8. Man, I see young girls (like 13!) carrying MC pouchettes and other designer bags all the time, and you can tell they're not just borrowing from mom's closet. My highschool was like that... I never had any designer bags but Coach in highschool.
  9. It dosent bother me at all to see young girls and their high end bags. As long as I'm not the mom paying the $$$ for it. My daughter is 13.5 and way to irresponsible for a bag like that.
  10. My daughter wears my LV pochette, I thought it was cute until she wouldn't give it back to me! But my daughter is only 3...... Ya I know, I started her too young!

    I think I wouldn't mind so much if all the bags I've seen young girls carry were actually real!!!
  11. How cute! :P
  12. [​IMG]

    Here's my crazy little girl!
  13. Adorable :love: :love: :love:
  14. Hum...I don't know...young girls these days are so diff. from when I was at 7-8th grades.( geeze I didn't even think of fashion then LOL) I know 15-16ish girls in high school now do some crazy stuff so I suppose carrying a LV MC speedy is just the way it is. Also I think designer brands start targeting younger costumers nowadays.
  15. Who cares what they carry. Whats the difference? If the family can afford it then so what. I know many people who spend thousands on video games and systems. I think its kind of cute!