Young Frankenstein the musical

  1. Before it hits Broadway in November it's playing in Seattle. If you are a fan of Mel Brooks (he sat near me!), Will and Grace star Megan Mullaly or Desperate Housewives Roger Bart (played the pharmacist who married Bree) you will love this show.
  2. I went to see the show. Megan Mullay and Christopher Fitzgerald (Igor) stole the show!!! It is highly entertaining but I suggest you see it in Seattle rather than NY. Ticket prices in NY are going to be monsterously high!!!
  3. Sounds awesome, it's one of my favourite films, think it will make it over to the UK?
  4. I love that film! I'm too far away from either Seattle or NYC to see the show, though. Bummer :sad:
  5. Sounds interesting, since I loved the original movie with Gene Wilder!