Young Child Killed by Police Officer Shooting at a snake

  1. So I get up this morning to read on my Internet news page about a little boy who was killed. Apparently a police officer was shooting at a snake in a nearby yard. The little boy, who was out fishing with his grandfather, was hit in the head by the second bullet and died.

    The cop is on paid administrative leave while the investigation takes place. I think that is outrageous. And judging from the article, he will probably get off scott free with nothing more than a slap on the wrist...if that.
  2. My god that is just awful. What was he doing killing a snake like that if there were people around, call people who do that sort of thing. My heart goes to the boys family.
  3. Yeah it seemed kind of reckless and dangerous to be shooting at a snake like that. I don't understand why someone didn't just call animal control.
  4. That's awful, especially since like nathansgirl said they could have just called in animal control or someone who knew what they were doing. Tragic for the family, especially when it's such a stupid unnecessary thing for the police man to have done.
  5. Yeah, I read this story yesterday...what an idiotic thing that officer not think about stray'd think officers would have training in not shooting for no real apparent reason.
  6. Did this happen in America? I'm afraid the American police force are seen as a bit of a joke in England. I'm sure there are decent cops, but the American cop stereotype is of a fat donut eating brainless fool, much like Wigan from the Simpsons. That poor little boy, I can't belive they give these idiots guns!
  7. ^ I believe it happened in Texas.
  8. Why was he shooting at a snake that was in nature anyways? it's not like it was invading some house. It's in its natural environment..
  9. Beyond irresponsible, especially for a cop.
  10. Good point. :tup:

    It said the snake was up in the tree hissing at people and was firmly lodged, refusing to move. Totally out of character for a SNAKE right?
  11. That's incredibly sad.. I hate it when innocent people, especially children, die. And I hope that the Police Officer gets what he deserves since he had no right to be shooting at a snake that wasn't trying to harm him and was in it's natural habitat.
  12. Sad.
  13. Oh my, this is such a sad case. My heart goes out to the family of the poor kid.
  14. OMG, that's horrible! The news is so devastating sometimes. :sad:
  15. OMG so sad!!!!