You'll poke your eye out!!

  1. Wonder if that was cut from this monster 603-carat one that was found a couple of years ago?
    Diamond 603ct.jpg
  2. I want to eat it :drool:
  3. Wouldn't I love to own that?;)
  4. hahaha beautiful!
  5. I looove to own that!
  6. Please don't have Megs see this thread...
  7. Wow...i Want It~!! Meg can boorow it.
  8. Found It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Can we all bid on it collectively?!?!
  10. I can put in maybe four dollars!:sweatdrop:


    That is ga-ga-gorgeous.
  11. I'll bid a handbag or two???
  12. That is so beautiful...I could look at it all day!
  13. oh wow... i would put money into a bidding fun for that... but only we pass it around & I get to wear it on my wedding day!
  14. OMG.. I want that sitting on my finger.. muahahhaa !