YOULL Never guess what my SA told me today

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    MON Mono is now coming in Mon Damier Graphite soon!!!!! OMGGGGG my SA found out in the recent meeting that they are bringing it in to the MAISON (Flagship Stores) only for now AND it is 90% INVITE ONLY!!!! My SA said that she will text me with more details as it gets closer to release date:smile:

    NEXTTT MAHINA PARNESEA AND POSSIBLY ALLL other leather lines are having at least 3+ new models released in May or June! WITH emphasis on Mahina, Parnesea and Epi. She couldn't say much BUT what she said was pretty core rocking.

    Also that NO price increases for AUS are in the talk for the next 4 months so we are safe. SOOOOO thats at least reassuring.

    HOPE everyone is as EXCITED AS I AM:smile:
  2. Uhhh, I wanna see the new models especially epi :nuts:

    thank you for the news...
  3. Your welcome

    I was told since the "Re-interest in Epi in the past few months FIRST where new colours, THEN the new models follow suit" What my SA said:smile: NICHOLAS is seeing that EPI is very classy and finding more ways to introduce it. I personally like the new texture to Epi:smile:

    And Your welcome:smile:
  4. That is exciting! New epi colors and models :yahoo: Thanks for sharing!
  5. You are welcome:smile: Really though, we are all the ones to thank. We have given a high demand back into Epi leather like in the 90's when it was uber popular.:smile:
  6. Yay! I have Epi on my short list so I will wait a little while longer. Thanks for the inside info!
  7. Thanks for the intel. Did your SA say anything about the current bags in the Mahina line? My SA just last week told me they were discontinuing the Mahina line.
  8. Mon mono in the graphite line? I bet that will be a big hit, especially for luggage. Can't wait for it to be available! Thanks so much for the info!
  9. this is great thanks for sharing
  10. +1
  11. thanks for the info ---- I've been hearing for about a year that Mahina was going away -- hope it stays!!
  12. Ooo... I can't to see it. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Thank you for the news!
  14. I hope they include DE in the Mon Mono line.
  15. +1