You'll NEVER guess what I saw at the mall!!!

  1. OMG!!! As soon as I walked into a mall somewhat near where I live there was it comes, you ready?.....a store of all fake bags!!! It was called Luggage and Bags. I looked in and there were fake Coach bags, Chanel and Gucci. I almost puked!!! Thank God I was near the door because I turned around and left. Then I got in my car and hugged my Leigh lol. I swear it was the most horrific thing I have EVER seen. Aren't fakes illegal? So how is there a store in a mall of these things?!?! OMG!!! :throwup::cursing::throwup:
  2. OMG, you poor dear! What a horrific thing to have to see!:wtf::wacko::blink: Now, go wash your eyes out, lay down, and put a cool cloth on your head. Make sure that your lovely bags are in sight to soothe you. Stores like that should be boarded up and padlocked!!:cursing:
  3. This is illegel. There was a thread on how to report it...also the coach website has a info on how to report fake coaches. :cursing:
  4. OMG!!! What the heck! That is so horribul. I can't believe the nerve of some people
  5. OMG!!!! How horrible.. I can't believe it would be in a mall. I understand on a street corner but in a mall.
  6. I think it's only illegal if they claim they are coach and the other brands.. if they say designer inspired or have the g's instead of the c's, etc unfortunately they can do it as far as I know. :wtf:
  7. Yes in a MALL! My life...why!?!?! lol Thanks goodness for you guys. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't talk to anyone about this. I would have to get one of those expensive therapists...Thank you tPF!
  8. correct..."fake" and "designer inspired" are very different...albeit both ugly...they CAN get away with designer inspired
  9. I don't know what they were selling them as. I didn't dare stick around to ask. I would have lost my breakfast! hehe
  10. Was this at the Mystic Mall, If so, It wouldn't surprise me if they had a "crack store" so fake designer purse doesn't shock me at all lol I grew up very close to where you live, (i think you had it posted or in your profile) I worked at that mall when I was a teen, it is a very shady place as you know. OR the Meadow Glen mall ? I haven't been to either of these malls in a long time but It wouldn't surprise me at all.
  11. I saw a Garly today when I was having lunch :push:
  12. Terrible!:tdown:
  13. I saw one of those in a mall near me the other day too.

    I even said out loud, "Why would ANYONE buy ANY of these bags? They aren't even inspired, they're just plain FAKE!" The person working there just looked at me and didn't say anything. They should be ashamed for supporting counterfeiting.
  14. I have seen that store before. This was before I really got into handbags. i was wondering why they were so cheap. UGH
  15. Gnarly garly :tdown: