You'll never guess what happened at LV today

  1. Me & my BF noticed a burning smell at the store today....turns out soembody had looked at a vernis bag and put it back too close to the lights. It must have been there for a while before anyone noticed it because it burnt the handle there was a big black burn on the lovely new vachetta poor little bag :crybaby:
  2. OH NO! thats terrible! did the person who put it there have to pay?
    p.s. ill still take it for free! :p
  3. Oh no :sad:
    Thats a lesson...
  4. Poor bag, glad it didn't set fire to the place.
  5. awww!! the poor bag!
  6. oh no!! did the person have topay for it?

  7. I know! OMG save the bags,save the bags!!!
  8. Oh no...poor little bag! What color was it?

  9. no, nobody knew who it was because it must have sat there for some time to actually burn
  10. Perle!!
  11. OMG poor bag.
  12. :sad: but it didn't hurt the vernis?
  13. :crybaby: That is awful!!
  14. Argh... poor bag!
  15. Awwwww poor never got a chance to be loved! God that is sad....I consider the bag like I would a person LOL