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  1. DH surprised me with a big box tonight. In it was a foot scrubbie, lotion, a beach cover up, candy, a cd, and the new iPad with which I am typing. (I'm going to Maui with my sister.). All very nice right?

    Over dinner he said, "remember how i asked you if you wanted a Birkin and you said no? Well, I had saved up to get you one ($10k he said) but you didn't want one so I got you the iPad instead."

  2. What he get you?
  3. /\/\ An iPad and some other goodies as noted above.
  4. Oh ok I got confused
  5. Wow.
  6. ....."Take two, please"!!

    (Let's do this whole scene over, omg!!!)

    Let's start from the very beginning, with, do you want a birkin? Lol!!
  7. That's so thoughtful of your husband =) Enjoy all your goodies!!
  8. Ahaha, I guess this is one of the cases where honesty would've paid off?

    At any rate, an iPad is still great! Your husband's so thoughtful =)
  9. Hmmmm maybe the Birkin is somewhere hidden in the house? LOL
  10. Well. This is not good. You didn't realize you were forfeiting almost 10K worth of stuff when you passed on the Birkin. I think this topic deserves more discussion between you and your hubby. (Not that what he gave you wasn't thoughtful and nice, though.)
  11. He's such a sweetheart :smile:
  12. He's a total sweetie! ... but... BUT... :nuts:
  13. Back in the day (about a year ago) when my husband was still against me having an LV bag he said I could have the equivalent money for other stuff for our anniversary - I got a LAMB bag, Kindle, Kindle cover, and LV ZCP (that was OK, he just thought a bag was a theft target). But I got my LV bag anyway for my birthday - so maybe you'll still get your Birkin.
  14. So thoughtful of your DH! And I agree with DisCo, who knows...maybe the Birkin is hidden somewhere in the house :graucho:.
    Congratulations on your new goodies and have fun at Maui :biggrin:!
  15. I'd tell him to show me the money and fork over at least half of it! :lol: