You, your LV, and a celeb

  1. I just found this picture inbetween a bunch of papers.

    It's a photo of me with my LV backpack and Artie Lange of the Howard Stern Show at his dvd-signing in 8/2005.

    I would post it under the "Celebs and their LV" but this is me and a celeb and my LouisVuitton.

    This could be a cute thread if you have a photo of you, a celeb, and your LV....
  2. Aww this is cute..I'll see what I have.
  3. Too cute...BTW I LOVE Howard Stern...Artie is hilarious!
  4. Here we go...this is me with Donny Osmond from 2 summers ago. You can kind of see my Cerises Speedy behind me haha..I would have had one with Marie from last summer but they made everyone put their bags down so the pictures weren't cluttered with baggage.
  5. This thread is fun. Hope more people can post!
  6. Aw, its so cute. I love it!
  7. Donny Osmond rocks!
    Great LV choice to carry that day!
  8. ahhh...donnie's so cute...and so are you and the glimpse of your bag! ;) I like your lil shrug...I have a bcbg that looks just like that (does it have little sequins?)...but mine's grey/silver!

    cute thread...
  9. you look just like my dance teacher in that pic! (dont worry, shes pretty :smile:
    i love your cerises speedy!
  10. You're so cute, lvbabydoll! Love your jeans. Oh, and Donny looks cute, too!
  11. Cute pictureees.
  12. fun thread! i wish i could contribute, but i don't think i even have any pics of me with any celeb!
  13. i don't know if this one really counts- but here's a pic of me, my perfo pochette, and the lead singer, jay, and keys player, jojo, of the modern skirts at south by southwest music festival last spring. check out the skirts on itunes and myspace- fun music and great guys.
  14. thanks you guys! so cool! :supacool: when and if i have LV with me when i am with someone famous, i'll post a pic, but hey, don't hold your breath, ok?:lol:
  15. Thanks!! It actually is BCBG and has the little sequins..then later on, I went crazy and saw other non-designers who made shrugs and bought them in every color I saw lol. I have black, green, pink, blue, tan, etc. hahaha.

    And thanks to bvbirgygirl, Texas Girl (the jeans are True Religions :yes: ), Lolly and Michelle!