You would not believe how good the Edith looks....

  1. on! I caught a glimpse of myself carrying my new Chamois-by way of ETenebris and Jeannie77-into work this morning. It looks so good! I was shocked, as I wasn't sure this bag flattered me. But it does! Who knew? Yay for me!
  2. Hi tln! How do you prefer to carry your Edith? On the crook of your arm or by the handle? I am a handle person so I think I would carry it that way.
  3. Both, so far. I carried in the crook of my arm when I was carrying my coffee in and then switched the coffee to my other hand and used the handle. I can fit it over my shoulder, but it is not comfortable that way for me.

    The bag is not as heavy as I expected, so that is a plus!
  4. Great news! Can we see a pic of you carrying it, or a pic of it on its own? I am so glad it is working out for you!
  5. Oh...I am so happy to hear that chamois has finally found a home and that you love her! Such a beautiful bag! Pics, pics!
  6. time for a fashion show!!!! pics pics!!!
  7. Very cute story! Who.... me??!! I agree it's a great looking bag and looks fabulous on!
  8. Yeah!!! Where are the pics?? We want pics!!! I want a chamois all of a sudden. Someone please hit me over the head!
  9. Pics please, tln!

    *hits BL over the head* DOINK!
  10. I will post pics when I get home this afternoon. Have you ever been in the middle of taking photos of yourself carrying your bag, and had to explain why you were doing it? :roflmfao:

    To show the PF ladies, of course! Duh!
  11. Isn't it the afternoon yet?? Where are the pics? I can't wait to see the pics!!

    SerenitySue knocked some sense into me... I do not need the Chamois Edith... I do not need the Chamois edith...
  12. BL - you sound like me with the Whiskey Edith! I know if I happen across one IRL it will be all over... I do not need three Ediths! I love the Chamois but for me, the color is a stress inducer. I might need a pacemaker implanted soon, and I've only carried it twice! I know others don't worrry, but I see the Chamois as a high maintenance bag, whereas the Choco is the complete opposite.