You won't believe what I done today

  1. save my Cambon Messenger bag!
    I was on my way to a meeting in town carrying a starbucks hot chocoate and a black coffee, as i rounded the corner this guy coming the opposite way ran in to me knocking the hot chocolate down my top and over my bag (ON THE WHITE "C's") I totally went into a major panic as I had no tissues or anything to clean my bag with, so.......................I LICKED THE CHOCOLATE OFF MY BAG!!!

    Can't believe I did that but it was the only way i could think of to save her!:yes:
  2. LOL, that is the most AWESOME thing I have ever heard! the things we do for love....
  3. :roflmfao:

    So funny.......
    I can see how much you love your cambon!!
  4. OMG... I would have totally gone off on the guy -and then licked the bag LOL

    Yes, the things we do to keep our bags pristine ;)
  5. :sweatdrop: that was a close one and by far, the funniest chanel-related story i've heard! on a lighter note, chocolate & chanel, it sounds like heaven (although of course not in the case of chocolate ON chanel :p)
  6. whoa! did the man stop to help!?
  7. NO! The guy was a total idiot!:tdown:
  8. :lol: I would have done the same thing I think!
    That guy was such a jerk!
    I hope ur bag is alright??
  9. How resourceful of you!!! Shame you didn't get a chance to accidentally chuck the coffee on the idiot. Hope you and your purse are okay. Geesh. . .
  10. This is such a funny story.:p I hope your Chanel is fine.
  11. People can be SO horrible! I've had teenagers bump into me and spill my drink, but I would expect better from a grown man. I really hope your bag is fine. Good for you for being creative!
  12. What a jerk for not stopping!

    In college (during my bar-hopping days), I learned how to walk with a drink held away from my body so that no one could spill on my clothes/bags. People always walk over me because I'm pretty small. By holding the drink away from me, if anyone bumped me, the drink ended up on them. People would notice and actually step away from me. I do it with coffee now and it still works. IMO, if you can run over someone, you deserve to be the one with hot coffee on your clothes.
  13. LOL that is the funniest thing I've heard. I wonder what people thought when they saw you do that! Now that's what I call major bag love hehe
  14. LOL, what we do for our babies!
  15. Too funny! I probably would have done the same thing or wiped it on a (clean) part of my shirt.