You won't believe this Prada/Bergdorf Story

  1. Wait until you hear this one...someone posted a Prada bag on this thread, 50% a Vitello Daino Hobo, reduced from $1280 to $640. I'm not a Prada girl, but it was a nice bag and how do you argue with 1/2 price. So I snagged it figuring if I hated it I'd sell it.

    Well the bag comes yesterday and its not the same bag, there are no tags, no Prada sleeper (just a plain white one), its a color called bruscia which was like an orange/red. HATED IT!!

    So I did a live chat with Bergdorf rep and of course they said sorry, we'll ship it back free. Well I was in a mood, it was late and I had the time to argue. I told them I had a half price bag and now I have NOTHING. Free return shipping is not making me happy. A half price bag would make me happy. We waited each other out a while and when I realized I wasn't making too much progress I finally asked to talk to someone higher up. I started over. I told her I wanted a Prada bag, 1/2 price and I wanted to pick it and said I would pick something similar in price. Can you believe they did it. I picked out the new summer line Juta Laminata and Cinghiale Frame Bag which retailed for $1340 and got it for $650. I am attaching a picture below. I always tell hubby that it pays to stand your ground, but I even surprised myself with this one. Especially that the reduced price one was a winter bag and this was the new summer line.

    I'm happy, Bergdorf/Neiman's keeps me as a good customer, and hopefully it helps another "PFer" who runs into the same thing!
    prada juta.jpg
  2. You're my kind of girl-I do the same thing!:smile: Congrats!
  3. :yahoo: YES!!! Good girl!!! That bag is lovely...Please post pics when you get it!!! You must be so excited!!!! I am and it's not even mine lol!!! Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  4. wow, what a great story! :smile:

    who did u speak with at Bergdorfs? usually theyre snobby about stuff like that!
  5. please let me know how u like it when u recieve it! it looks adorable, but maybe on the heavy side
  6. Thats fabulous you give me retail hope!!!
  7. nicely done!!

    i was a little surprised that they would do that.. i tried doing what you did once on a big ticket item and all i got was, "we're really sorry.. someone put the 50% off sticker on that piece by mistake..."

    congrats on your awesome purchase... :yes:
  8. WOW you go girl, its good to be in a good mood and patient...patience paid off!!! CONGRATS
  9. JILL BOWS......***SNIFF***
    You done us proud GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

    SNIFF..Why doesnt this EVER happen to me??LOL!
  10. Way to go--great story!
  11. Wow...great job! Love when people stand their ground and the store pulls through! That is AMAZING!! I never would have even thought to ask for what you did!
  12. congratulations!!! IMO,what sticks best for great customer service is when they have done something wrong and tried to really make it right.
  13. (This is meant as a joke, so please take it that way =) I am surprised that no one, so far, has suggested that the bag was a fake! =)
  14. well done! that must be so exciting...
  15. Congrats! You are so lucky.. Maybe the CSs at BG are much softer and nicer than the ones at NM.. I tried talking to a manager once at NM about a similiar issue, they only gave me the sorry crap..