you won $50,000, what bags do you plurge on?

  1. splurge* lol
  2. I would definitely get a Chloe paddy right away! Haha...
  3. Chanel, Chanel, and even more Chanel! Plus my first LV
  4. alooooot. lol
  5. the hermes bags would take up a whole lot of that chuck of change though.
  6. Hermes-what's the highest price bag that they make? I've heard of 10,000 bags...but even an imaginary splurge on 1 bag gives me the shakes:shame:. I'd feel
  7. the highest i've seen is $50,000. :wtf: but it has diamonds.
  8. I would get... chanel cambon tote in black and a matching wallet, black multicolore speedy, white multicolore trouville, myrtle epi speedy 25, damier azur speedy 25, framboise cles, pomme cles.. and believe me, the list does go on! :shame:

  9. :wtf:is right!!! It would take soooooo much money to make me feel ok about buying a bag like that. Maybe Oprah rich??

    I wish I could find a picture of that bag. It kind of reminds me of the Vicky's secret diamond encrusted bra and thong that cost like a million dollars. First, not only impractical-but how uncomfortable, esp. the thong-ouch:hysteric:!!
  10. Croc Speedy 30 (red). $12k
    Croc Alma (black). $16k
    White MC Trouville. $1400
    Cabas Porte Epaule Raye. $1500
    Suhali Lockit PM. $2230
    Gucci Britt Medium Top Handle Bag. $1730
    LV Riveting lambskin, black and ecru. ~$7000
  11. Cloudy line by Louis Vuitton all 3
    LV Dj Limited bag
    LV World Cup limited carryall
    Chanel Cabas in White and Black
    Chanel Rock and Chain in Navy
    Chanel clutch in Black patent and white
    LV Suhali Lockit PM in White
    Dior My Dior tote in Blue
    Dior Gaucho Medium in Gold
    Chloe Edith small Satchel in Whiskey
    Marc Jacobs Punk tote
    MiuMiu white coffer
    ...and the rest on shoes :lol:
  12. I would rush right out to get a Balenciaga City and a Chloe Paddington!
  13. Chloe Bay Quilted and Not and a Prada - not sure yet which one!
  14. a lot! lol! It would take me along time to actually write everything down!
  15. Actually I will get a Beemer first hhaha then I will get an LV and save the rest until new collections of LV come out.