You will not believe this! Black GGH Envelope Clutch story.

hedy devine

May 13, 2009
I have to get this out of my system because I cannot believe this just happened.

About a week ago, I placed an in-store order for a black GGH envelope clutch. Another store location was to send me the clutch because the store at which I placed the order didn't have any in stock. The clutch arrived promptly and it was gorgeous!!! Except that the dye on the corners looked really faded. I compared the corners to my black city and confirmed that they were grey. Disappointed, I brought the bag back to my local store to request an exchange.

The SAs at the store were very gracious and helpful and understanding. One of the SAs mentioned that they could dye the corners black. I told them I would prefer a different bag in new condition (with no worn, grey corners) because when you spend that much money on a new bag, you want it in new condition.

I sat there while they placed a transfer for a replacement clutch, and they told me they would deliver it to my work the next day. I was ecstatic and very happy they would be so kind as to bring the bag to me.

The SA called me today. She told me that the other store sent them two different clutches, and that she had one that she knew I would love. She said she'd bring the bag by later this afternoon.

I got a call from our receptionist a little while ago. The SA had dropped off the bag with our receptionist. I had expected that the SA would deliver it to me personally so I could check it out and make sure it was in the condition I wanted, but perhaps she was in a rush.

Then I opened the box. It looked like the exact same clutch but with black corners, but I couldn't be sure. You see, when I first received the original clutch, I had tied the mirror to the zipper pull before noticing the grey corners. When I returned it for the exchange, I forgot to untie the mirror. I couldn't believe that they would have returned the same bag to me without telling me!

While the bag looked great and I was happy with the black corners, I felt that if this were in fact the same bag, that I had been lied to. I didn't want to jump to assumptions, so I called my local store and spoke with the manager. She confirmed that it was the same bag with dyed corners. She explained that the two bags that arrived both had grey corners. She said they called Balenciaga, and according to Bal, all of the black envelope clutches have greyish corners. So, she said, they just had their bag specialist dye the corners and returned it to me. She was very honest with me, and she apologized for the SA's lack of candor, but now I feel like I can't trust that store anymore.

What would you do if this happened to you? Do black GGH envelope clutches typically have grey corners? Should I keep the dyed bag? Anyhoo, thanks all for listening. I'm feeling better already. :smile:


Leather brrraaiined.
Mar 19, 2007
WHAT!!!!! They gave the same back bag to you and expected you NOT to notice? WTF? Lack of candor?! I'll say! :mad::mad:

I say you give them a piece of your mind. How dare they return the same bag to you and pretend like its a brand new bag. If you hadn't of noticed, they wouldn't have said anything. Which makes this situation totally wrong.

I'm sorry, I feel terrible for this happening to you.


Nov 1, 2008
That is dishonest! What they should have done was to tell you, right at the beginning, what the manager told you later - that all the black clutches they have have grey corners and whether it would be okay if they dyed the corners black for you. Trying to pass off the clutch as a new one is just deceitful.


Nov 5, 2006
Hong Kong
yup...they are just lying to you...
i would ask for an exchange or they definitely have more black clutches...i do not think you will need to accept a dyed one while you paid for the retail is not a discounted product...

Mia Bella

Mar 27, 2008
That is incredibly deceitful. You are entitled to a brand new and in-perfect-condition bag for the price you have paid. No ifs, ands or buts!! You shouldn't accept a bag that has been altered, especially when you were lied to about it!

I also wanted to share that my Sanguine GSH Env has lighter corners on the backside. It's not a drastic difference but it's there.


Sep 28, 2007
I would be mad because they were dishonest. That would be enough for me to demand a refund. How could you trust them now?


May 30, 2009
Your shld returned it,if your are uncomfortable with it.

I would like to share, my automne clutch has a lighter corners at the back too.


Sep 16, 2007
Return it. It's a question of priciples. I just don't understand why the SA's and even store managers just can't be honest. If there's no bag ith black edges they should have told you, so you could have decided wether getting it or not. But just colouring them to make you content is really barefaced!
In january I brought my 07 Mogano City to Bal Milanfor a little repair and when it returned after 12 weeks it was the same then before. I had asked to fix and restore the edges and they were not done. But in their opinion the bag was perfectly restored, according to my instructions!!! Then they pretended to have lost the papers with the restore instrucions which would have evidenced that they were wrong.... You can read the whole story here:


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
A tPF friend of mine mentioned that Bal accessories often come with lighter corners as a rule. Still, the deceit your s/a displayed was extremely unprofessional. I am pretty sure her manager was in on it too but had to apologize on behalf of your s/a to appease you.

Now it's a matter of do you want to keep the clutch under those circumstances? Even if the store does not allow refunds, you are entitled to one and should fight for it (going as far as to file a dispute with your bank if you paid by credit card).

As for the dye job, not knowing how it will wear over the long-term would bother me. Will the corners fade over time? Will the dye crack and flake??
Sep 6, 2007
Yes the principle is way off.
The manager should have shown you the re-dyed version (with all the details, they cannot pass that off as new to you!!) as well as the other two they sent to the store for you to compare and choose for yourself.

Even if you do decide to keep your clutch, it would do the store and their staff good for you to explain this matter of integrity to them.
Otherwise it will justify further such actions since they got away with it this time.

It amazes me that even luxury brand sales staff would be prone to such "quick sells"...
Luxury items are not only about the product but also the conduct by which they are handled and the personalized care the customer receives.


Jul 24, 2009
I would not be happy with a less than perfect bag. Bbags do cost and enormous amount of money and you have to work a lot of hours to get one. Trying to fob you off with lies "I have a bag I know you will love" was awful.

I think if you keep this bag you will always be concerned about the corners and wondering if the bag was old and worn. Get a refund and rethink the situation.