You will never believe what i've purchased!!!!

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  1. Today i've gone to a local store to see the Marine and the new GH..
    They had : marine, cafè, rouge vermillion, vert d'eau, naturel and white.
    From outised i've seen : the marine...ldon' t like it, is like Blue Roi but really dark and no undertones
    I like the Naturel but i prefer Greige, the red is a bit orange for me ( and i already have a rouge vif city) don't like too much the vert d'eau with regualr hardware... I don't like the GH Brief in white...
    Lovely in the Naturel

    Coming in I thought: I am safe :roflmfao: because i don't like the GH
    ... and I do not like them in fact but only on the city and the First ... but then I have seen the Giant Work and the giant brief...
    and my heart has been stolen by the vert d'eau in the Brief style . . the only color that from the swatches i said : NOOOOOO

    Please girls..i need your opinions!!
    I like it...not a winter color but i like it !
    Giant Brief v. d'eau 009.jpg Giant Brief v. d'eau 019.jpg Giant Brief v. d'eau 001.jpg Giant Brief v. d'eau 008.jpg Giant Brief v. d'eau 007.jpg
  2. Wow...that is a beautiful color. Not sure how I feel about the hardware, but I bet you look fab carrying it. Congrats on the new purchase!!!
  3. Wow!!! I'm so amazed!!! :tender:
    Congrads, i think the bag actually looks great on you, and the color pops!!! originally i had my heart set on the brief in marine, but when i first saw the brief in truffle IRL, i had second thoughts, but now that i saw yours, WOW.... :love:

    how does it look in natural lighting? :idea:
  4. Congrats! I am not a pastel colored kinda girl unless its pink, so its not a color I would buy. But if your heart went pitter patter when you saw it, then its the bag for you! And why not carry it in the winter? A nice pop of color would make anyone smile.
  5. l_b i'm soooooooo jealous of you!!!! :crybaby:
  6. I think Donna said it best! If it makes your heart skip a beat then you should keep it. I had a turq. city but I couldn't do the pastel thing so I sold it~ but that's my personal choice. Are you in love with it? I love the style very much!!!!!!
  7. WOW!:heart:

    I actually love the color much better in your pics. I still don't care for the hardware but it looks much better on the brief than any bag I've seen so far!!
  8. congrats!! the vert deau looks fantastic! Seeing the different pics and hearing the various testimonies of vert deau has been like a roller coaster ride for me, but I'm pretty convinced now that I'll love it when I see it IRL. It looks great on you, so worry not!
  9. Congratulations. :yahoo: It looks great on you, the leather looks very nice and the color looks darker than some of the pictures I have seen. Very pretty!!!
  10. I think the bag looks beautiful on you! I don't go for pastel shades but I do like this on you :love: And I love the Brief style very much! Better add the Brief in Cafe with regular hardware to my want list!!!
  11. Congrats! I don't know if I could work that color personally but it IS pretty. And I'm a fan of the GH so I like!!

  12. The first pic is exactly how the bag looks like..
  13. so happy to see your pics. I :heart: the color and am on the list for a makeup, but maybe i should get a first.... I'm a small bag girl, but that brief looks hot on you! congrats!
  14. The leather looks gorgeous and the style looks wonderful on you.

    It's not a color that would work for me, but if you love it you should keep it.
  15. Congrats..I LOVE LOVE it!! Such a pretty color to use all year round I think:P :P