You will all shun me.

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  1. I agree with Vintage Leather. Bad customer service is never appropriate. I would walk from that store as well.

    Is Madison Ave turning into a 24 Faubourgh where all the tourists go there for their H pilgrimage? Sounds like so!
  2. I think it was a good split of locals and non-locals. Some of those folks, esp the middle-aged woman and her 12year old with a 10K birkin on her arm that was her birthday gift, seemed like they were local. It was bizarro. All I kept thinking is "I guess that's normal around here!" my mom had a cow when she found out how much my F+C and LP bags were.
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    love this title actually ;)

    no shunning, i do that too. in fact right now i'm not that enamoured over anything H and even considering selling my stuff, especially accessories that i don't even use after a few wears. even those double tour leather bracelets, pretty but a few hundred for a piece of leather wrapped around my wrist? (no offence tpfrs, i have a few of them in my drawers) i think i'm in this off-phase but a good bag purchase will probably get me out of this funk

    so yes i think it is good that you talked yourself out of it. of course if one really loves it then i think it is worth every cent since much pleasure can be gained out of it. it's all in the head..
  4. what is there to shun? there will be other times, for other things. Hermes is to be appreciated, even though you don't buy them. That's what it's about. :biggrin:
  5. I, also love the porcelain and have the breakfast cups/saucers and dessert plates to go with....I use them all the time. Tea just seems to taste better in them!

    I'm of an age now where I prefer fewer pieces in my closet to choose from knowing that each piece was the best I could afford of a quality that will last many, many years. Hermes is that brand to me....and so if I can only afford one bag or one fabulous scarf or one sweater, then that's how I'll shop. (and NEVER go into Hermes in NYC on Saturday! You can't even get close to the scarf counter! LOL!!!!)

    I do this with other brands as Loro Piana. Their cashmere's are very expensive but the quality is very high and they last, literally, a lifetime. FAR better to buy one or two Loro Piana sweaters than eight or nine inexpensive cashmeres that pil and look ratty after a few cleanings.....
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  6. tell me about it! Lesson Learned!
  7. No shunning Ames! ITA with Vintage Leather. And S'mom about having less but things you truly love and use. And loves, I think its a good idea to purge one's closet every so often of stuff that you don;t use. It makes you feel virtuous and ready to shop again! Like not snacking so much between meals! :biggrin:

    BTW, my DH hates Madison and prefers Wall St store (smaller, less crowded, crazed), so even though Wall Street is further afield, it's a nice option. . .
  8. Glad you had fun. Sounds like H may not be the brand for you. That's OK.. To each his own .. as the saying goes!
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    I like how your dh thinks!

    OP, don't feel bad. There are way too many times I have talked myself out of buying a H scarf. We can afford it but right now even with the cost/wear equation, I still can't justify it. Maybe when casual clothes (jeans & t-shirts) is not a stable for me, then I can think about buying one.