You will all shun me.

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  1. My husband and I spent the weekend in NYC and stopped into the store on Madison Ave on Sat. Besides it being a total madhouse in there, we talked ourselves out of the Kelly wrap bracelet that was in the case that I wanted so badly. Partly because even though it's $425, it's still $425. And getting an SA to come anywhere near me was not likely. It was crazy in there. But someone bought the most ridiculously massive Birkin bag that was on a little table in the corner on display. I could have fit into it!

    I liked a few of the bangles but I know I would never wear them.
  2. Certainly not, I think you should love whatever you are about to purchase and if you know in your heart you would never wear something then you should save your money for something you will wear and love!
  3. Never. Sometimes it's not just the item, but not just the time. I am sure you and DH had a wonderful weekend in NYC, which on it's own is like browsing a big candy store!
  4. Oh, I have to talk myself out of buying things ALL THE TIME. There's totally nothing wrong with it. You should be proud of yourself actually, for being sensible. I can't say the same for myself sometimes. But what a depressive title to this thread, don't you think? ;)
  5. lol my other thread is worse! NYC was a big candy store. Sensory overload even. $425 isn't a lot of money to a lot of folks on this board but it's a lot for me! I am not broke by any means, but I am "cheap" lol!

    I wish I was a slender thing that could wear any of the clothes I saw. But oh well, it was a fun time!
  6. Its ok to think. Just because we can afford something does not make it a wise purchase. I bought a 400 keychain once in NYC Louis Vuitton I returned it when I got home. I just felt I was caught up in the atmosphere and 400 is just too much for a keychain to me.
  7. Hermes WOULD be a mad-house on the week-end.....I had to go back a couple of times on one of my Big Apple trips before I could get assistance, as well.

    There's many H items that I'm drawn to but don't buy for one reason or another. Sometimes it's the price but most times it's the "I like it but don't need it" syndrome....and then there are times I fall in love with something and snap it up regardless of price.

    For me it's all about cost-per-wear......I've been wearing the same gold bangle every day for three years and the thing cost me a small this point it's paid for itself many times over and I'm still in love with it! Money well spent!
  8. Oh I am all about the cost per wear. I make myself use a lot of things even if I wouldn't normally just bec they are expensive.
  9. i agree on all counts.... i love the madison store but i NEVER EVER EVER go on weekends if i can help it. i try to go just after opening 10-12am during the week and it is still usually busy.

    i love the cost per wear/use idea. for me i actually thought the china was too expensive but know i am seeing that as a cost per use issue it is really worth it. EVERY time i have tea or hot chocolate it feels like soemthing from a fancy restaurant! :smile:

    and i love the towels and other items. of course i would love a bag but money is an issue. :sad:
  10. Oh my, yes....the china! That is on my list! Are you a little fearful of it getting broken?I want to be able to enjoy it....KWIM?
  11. OH, ITA! I cracked and bought a LV SLG this weekend ($325) and regretted it when I got home. MY DH, shockingly, thinks it's more reasonable to spend $8K+ on a birkin than a fraction of that on LV. Tee hee - he is officially on the Orange Side! :yahoo:

    So I am going to return the LV iPhone case and get 'something else' my DH approves of :P
  12. i was but i am not anymore. its VERY well made. i didnt notice how slippery modern machine made china is. this is shiny and glossy but also extra easy to have a firm grip on it. i am very clumsy and i saw right way that this is not something it going slip from my fingers.

    i got to say once you use it u see how much work was put into it!! very well made.
  13. i love LV but i think with LV and with Hermes you have to make the best choice for you. i would NEVER buy an LV or Hermes iphone case because iphones and ipods change so often that it would be useless after just a few weeks/months. i would buy a larger case that can hold an iphone so that when it is no longer used i can use it to store business cards.

    speaking of cards, i have the Hermes playing cards in standard and mini size. i love the mini size and thought it was a great buy! because it is perfect for solitaire but i dont use the large cards at all. i just dont trust other people to treat them with the same respect i do!! KWIM??

    i have a new LV wallet (the insolite) and i total love it. it is perfect, it is amall but opens up nicely and holds all i need and more etc...
  14. That's what I concluded when I got home. I had to take off the existing protective case off my iPhone just to get it into the LV case - and you're spot on - how many times do we switch phones, blackberries, etc? I will have to find a SLG that will endure technology changes!

    I received the Hermes playing cards in standard size as a gift. I don't use the cards either...they are too pretty and delicate to be shuffled!:nuts:
  15. No shunning at all!!

    Bad customer service and a high price tag would have sent me from the store. Unless you are going to wear the bracelet regularly, it isn't worth it.