You want the Batignolles Horizontal, but...

  1. It doesn't zip up!!! It looks so great but that it doesn't zip up is holding me back. Anyone else feel like this :biggrin: ?!

  2. My mother was just like this...she finally bought it and LOVES it. She has never (58 years old) had a bag that didnt zip up by the way. Its not a tradition that it gapes open. It is very tight and secure when held on the shoulder!
  3. I have this bag and love it. Not having a zipper on it does not bother me. I don't ever feel insecure with it begin opened, but I keep pretty tight tabs on my purses when I'm out. It seems the bags I do have that have zippers never get zipped:smile:
  4. Honestly, it does not bother me at all. I actually prefer that it doesn't. I keep the gold clasp locked and it is fine. When it tips over on the floor, items do not fall out because the bag is long vs wide.
  5. My mom is pretty wary of that as well, but I figure I have a pochette, and as long as I stick my wallet in there it'll be safe !
  6. i felt like that too, but then sometimes i leave my bags unzipped anyway...
  7. it bothered me at first so I didnt get it but I saw the Epi Passy which has a similar hook closure and I dont mind it on that bag because its so cute
  8. Alsoyou have a big zipped compartment you can keep things in!
  9. it just hasn't been an issue for me. . . . when my bag falls over, which it has! LOL! Nothing falls out, it just doesn't gape open if you knwo what I mean.
  10. I put my wallet in the zippered compartment and the rest of my small stuff (keys, make-up etc) in the pouchette which is hooked to the metallic ring inside. The rest of the space I use for bigger items like books etc. It is so handy for taking things in and out quickly.
  11. YES!!! I was holding off for a long time getting this just for that reason alone.....I felt I must have a zipper bag at all times...then I went into the store...put my stuff in it..and I was sold! Its so light and when its under your arm it feels very secure because you have the zipper pocket which is great for money and credit cards and the rings can attact to the accessory pouch so I feel secure no one can slip anything out of there. I got it this week, and I totally love it. great buy. its very large and for the cant beat it. very happy I got it. I love my speedy but this is great for when you need a shoulder tote. :love:
  12. In every post about the BH or BV I always state my concern for the lack of zipper closure. I guess I will go back to my local LV store and try them on again with my wallet inside and see if I can get over my no zipper phobia!!
  13. Yes, it is still one of the things that irks me about my bag...When I am driving and suddenly brake, its contents come spilling out from the passenger seat! *Grr*
  14. What about the Batignolles Vertical then? It has a smaller opening, so less chance of things falling out :idea:
  15. me. it's the only reason i don't want to buy it. the shape is so great, but i put all my stuff in both the BV and BH then tipped it stuff still fell out although not as badly as my kate spade sam bag did. the BV was better than the BH, but i didn't care for the shape as much. i've finally accepted the fact that this bag is not for me. :sad: