You Wanna See More???!

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  1. A little enthusiasm appreciated! It's a lot of work unbagging and arranging them for the "perfect" picture! ;)
  2. Lol, you should start your own thread in the purse showcase! Nice collection btw :smile:
  3. Whoa... a closet FULL of bags!! That's just heavenly... :love:
  4. and so organized.....i just have dustbags littered all over my closet floor.....
  5. Oooh, looks like you have quite a collection! Are you going to show them unwrapped?( I hope so!)
    Is the blue one on the 1st shelf from the bottom a Vera Bradley? I saw a diaper bag that had the cutest bumble pattern! Almost made me want another baby...joking. :o) If only they had it in a make-up pouch or sunglass case, they were 40% off!
  6. I love it I love it! Your bags have their own closet :P
  7. Cute bag shelf :biggrin:
  8. I can't wait to see your collection unveiled. :smile:
  9. wow!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Me neither!!!:smile:
  11. Wow this is sure a tease! looks like you've got some great bags though.:biggrin: V