You Voted - Jomashop 40 Hour tPF SALE!!!

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  1. You voted, we listened, and here are the results!!!

    A 48 hour sale on THREE items just for YOU!!! :yahoo:

    That is right - you liked three of the four items so well, that we are going to run three of them for a whole 48 hours!

    Even better yet, these prices are the LOWEST online!!! Very rarely will you ever see such hot new items at these prices! So hurry over, as the sale will last for 48 hours OR as soon as wel sell out, and supplies are limited!

    :nuts: 1. Cartier Roadster Pink Ladies Watch W62017V3!!!

    Retail Price: $4,825
    Jomashop Sale Price: $3,550

    TPF Price: $3,350 + Free Shipping (30% off!!)

    Use coupon code: TPFCRT (expires 2/3/2010)

    Click here to purchase this deal!

    And for your convenience, compare and save! (Yes, you could definitely be paying more elsewhere!)

    Click on any of the three links below to see what other sites are charging!

    The Watchery - $3860
    Gemnation - $3860
    Neweggmall: $3692

    :nuts: 2. Tag Heuer Carrera Quartz MOP Diamond Ladies Watch WV1417.BA0793!!!

    Retail Price: $2,400.00
    Sale Price: $1,439.00

    TPF Price: $1319.00 + Free Shipping (45% off)

    Use coupon code: TAGTPF (expires 2/3/2010)

    Click here to purchase this deal!

    Compare and save! (Why pay more? These are the best deals!) - $1599 - $1475
    Jacobtime: $1580

    :nuts: 3. Michele Tahitian Ceramic Black Diamond Ladies Watch MWW12A000005!!!

    Retail Price: $1,995.00
    Sale Price: $1,250

    TPF Price: $1175 + Free Shipping (41% off)!!!

    Use coupon code: MWWTPF (Expires 2/3/2010)

    Click here to purchase this deal!

    Compare and save!

    Nordstrom - $1995 - $1995 - $1295

    Anyone excited? :yahoo:

    I hope this makes your next 48 hours great!!! :biggrin:
  2. I was excited but the deals are 5.6%, 8.35 and 6% additional reduction, respectively. I was going to get the tag but now I'm hesitant.
  3. And here are the pictures as well! :smile:

    Attached Files:

  4. Still the cheapest on the web by a long shot.
  5. Thanks....Fab deal!!
  6. Thanks so much jomagirl!!!!
  7. wow that voting was a great idea! super fun! and GREAT DEALS!!! THANKS!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for letting us participate in the voting and listening to our requests---very accomodating!!
  9. Awww girlycharlie, you are so sweet I feel bad saying that I cannot do it on this sale :flowers:

    But I will add it to the wish list for you for sure! :hugs:

    Thank you so much for letting me know what you would like :smile:
  10. wow, the constant criticism is making people very uncomfortable. . . can you guys stop the complaining?
    Do you get to walk into NM and tell them what to put on same and for how much?
    It's pretty disrespectful.
  11. Wow! Thank you so much.... *now considering how to shuffle money around so the boyfriend doesn't notice a purchase...* :thinking:
  12. Sorry, this is the only deal we are running right now :smile:
  13. I agree. These sponsors are coming here and setting up special deals just for tPF. To hear how ungrateful people are is really disheartening.

    Thank you to Jomashop for all of these great deals AND trying to accommodate so many members and their wishes!
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