You Tube comparison NF GM vs MM


Oct 6, 2011
Sierra Nevada Mountains CA
So for all you guys posting questions about trying to decide between the Neverfull GM vs. MM, and someone was also asking about the two for baby bags recently.........there is an excellent comparison video on You Tube by bjtaylor02. Sorry I do not know how to post the direct link, but the title is "Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM and MM Review and Comparison" so if you enter some of those key words you should find it. If someone has already mentioned this I apologize.

So this is a really good video. She gives exact measurments (and I was wrong, I thought the strap drop on the MM was shorter but it is not), of both entire bags, including the interior pockets. She shows them modeled, gives her height (5'4") , cinched and uncinched, packed for day use and packed for travel. They are also identical DE patterns so there is no eye confusion between patterns, it is a very fair comparison. It is almost a nine minute long video. guys who keep asking about these bags, watch this lady! I think she addresses almost every question I have seen asked here.


Mar 9, 2008
bjtaylor02's videos are wonderful. they have helped me many times to decide upon a bag. really useful if you don't have a store nearby. bjtaylor, we all appreciate the time you spend doing these : )