You top 10 reasons for owning a speedy!

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  1. About 27 years ago I owned a mono speedy 30 and loved it. Used it forever. I then bought several other LV bags and loved them equally. Then I think I had some sort of twilight zone episode and sold them all on consignment. I don't want a speedy b, just the regular handheld in de. I've sold two of them in the past when I needed some money, but, have always missed them. So now before I plunk down the money I'm thinking it through. I love the de print. LOVE IT! I already own a signature neverfull and love that. I love the 30 because of its size and the ability to wear it no matter the weather. So, I'd love to know your top reasons for loving your speedys.
  2. 1. Classic bag
    2. LV icon
    4. Ageless
    5. DE - all weather
    6. Goes with anything
    7. Holds everything
    8. You want it
    9. You need it if you sold off your other bags
    10. That's it .... Time to buy your Speedy!
  3. 10? Really?! I bought it because I liked it. :speedy:
  4. #4 May 14, 2016
    Last edited: May 14, 2016
    LV Classic
    Timeless design
    Can be dressed up or down
    DE is gorgeous, not to mention can be worn year- round, and in all weather
    Perfect size...not too big or too small
    You love it and know it works for you
    Definitely repurchase!
  5. Absolutely! Just wanting to know why--we all have different reasons and I wanted to share!
  6. Convinced me!!
  7. Thanks!!!
  8. The handle is so strong and the structure is very durable, holds heaps, spice up your look in a classic way. In any time if you decided to use it to bag slap a *****/pervert, you bag will instantly turn into a deadly weapon.

    How about this, It is weatherproof hence you can rely on this bag no matter where u want to go. Your items will not get wet walking in the rain.

    It is very light weight and can be packed flat like a frisbee. Use it as a frisbee and play fetch with your dog. Or knocking down some thief depending on your skill level.

    On the other hand, it is also heat resistance. In case you cook up something so hot and do not want to leave a burn mark on your kitchen table, think speedy ebene.

    That's 10 reasons.

    Bonus point, after doing all these stunts with the cool speedy ebene, give it a good wipe with a dry cloth as per LV instruction, resell it on ebay and get most of your money back if you decided that it is not good enough.


  9. Laughing so hard I need a depends.....:biggrin:
  10. best list ever!

  11. Lol I went to google depends, and found out I owned them! Bwahahhahahaha
  12. roflmao!!!
  13. +1

  14. Uh huh. What she said!! Lol. It's perfect!
  15. :lolots:

    I agree! 10 different reasons are a bit much OP, just go ahead and buy that bag!! :P