You thought it was lost ...... then you found it!!!

  1. OMG. I can't believe this but I just found a necklace I have been searching for since Saturday. I thought it was a goner for sure! A Stephen Dweck white pearl drop necklace. I am so happy I am shaking!!

    Here's the short version of the story, which will probably be long. I had a big fundraising event to go to on Saturday. Dress was "Sharp Casual, mostly white attire" for a Wicket event on one of the prestigious lakes in our area. So I wore a white Prada dress (think the famous Marilynn Monroe pic), white Armani sunglasses, white Chanel Cork wedge shoes (already had those), white carved mother of pearl dweck earrings and white necklace. Paired with very WIDE black nancy gonzalez croc belt and black Chanel bag. Used my black/white Hermes Jungle Love scarf as a shawl in the evening. I had so much fun putting this outfit together since it was like the social event of the season. And how often does a girl get to buy a white Prada Dress?

    So me and my girlfriends have this weird tradition that we have to do a "trial" run the night before for critique-ing. I wore the outfit Friday night to one of my girlfriend's house and then came right home to change and left to meet my husband and kids. I *thought* I had taken off the necklace before I left but on Saturday I couldn't find it anywhere in the house. I have spent 5 days looking NON STOP. My house has never been so clean and organized. So today I dumped my "key" basket out and TADA there it was. OMG - I am so happy!!

    So has anyone else lost something and then found it?
  2. So glad you found it....sadly everything I've ever lost (and that is alot, especially gloves and sunglasses), I have never found. :sad:
  3. I lost my watch. It was my mother's Omega - rather battered now, but had great sentimental value for me. I was walking in the grass from the school bus to my apartment, came indoors, did some stuff around the house and was going to take my watch off when I found it was missing. It had a rather worn strap which I meant to replace. I went back outside and combed the grass for it. There was a new maintenance crew around cutting the grass that day, and I thought maybe one of them had picked it out of the grass and taken it.

    A few days later it was raining so I went to put on my clogs instead of my sandals, and found my watch nestling inside my clog. I think I must have come in all busy with keys and doorlocks and jacket, and my watch would have fallen off into the clogs which were on the floor, not on the shoe rack.

    I was SO happy.
  4. I often lose jewelry, then find it later. It's much later, though. Months usually.

    Currently, I am searching for a large b/w print photo of my son and grandson that was taken by a fabulous DC photographer. I put it someplace "safe" until I could take it to the framer. For the life of me, I cannot find that photo and it's about10x15, so it's not small. I'm sick about it. I can order another one, but it will be expensive. My memory really is getting bad.

    I'm so glad you found the necklace! Your outfit sounds like a knockout. Where was the fundraiser held?
  5. I was cleaning my diamond stud earrings in the sink while I was daydreaming about someone. Needless to say, I dumped the bowl I soaked my earrings and down it went before I realized it. A year went by and I told the stupid story to a friend who then told me to check the sink trap. So, I did. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw something sparkling among the gunk. I didn't think it would still be there after a year. I was so happy, it felt like I won something.
  6. Yes, and what is so funny is that I find it in weird places. I thought I lost one of my earring and it was a couple of weeks before I found it. I have a watch case and somehow the earring post pierced through the felt bottom of the watch case. It was only when I took out my watch case and slided it on the table when I felt something was underneath the case. Lo and behold, the earring was there! I cannot imagine how it got there in the first place!
  7. At a "home" on Pine Lake. I use the word "home" loosely here b/c "mansion" would most likely apply. But the event was outside. It is absolutely gorgeous on the lake. Pine Lake and Beaver Lake are the two pristine inland lakes in our area. The event was so beautiful - especially with everyone in white. There were a bunch of news photographers there and I did get my picture snapped (you know, like a gossip page.) If I'm in the paper or local magazine I will post. I was really happy with my outfit!

    My friend (who organized it for Ovarian Cancer) did an AMAZING job - I'm so proud of her and happy to be her friend! She is a great girl!

    Pat, check a book or a magazine. That is where I put alot of photos (by accident).