you think it looks overwhelming?

  1. I think that price is overwhelming. It is a really cute statement piece, but for $5000, I'd expect a little more bling. But again, it is really cute!
  2. I totally love the ring...but, the price is a bit much...
  3. I like the ring, it is nice, but I have seen some fake pieces like it for much cheaper, at the price point it is a bit high. That price is the same sort of price level for a cartier love ring, which IMO is a classic piece, although not as blinging but still.
  4. Not my style at all. And definately a lot of money!
  5. I think it looks like a toy or a pill box. Maybe it faces up better on the hand? imo
  6. What I think is that you could find this look at a store that sells estate pieces. It wouldn't cost nearly as much, and there is a lot of fun in the search.
  7. hmm no. way too expensive for what it is, and i've seen better pieces in that style in other places, or in vintage jewelry stores.
  8. This ring is gorgeous. Love it. So cute and feminine. But the price is bit too high for it I think.
  9. I would like a few more precious stones for the money.
  10. not enough diamonds or gems for that $$$ I like the ring though!
  11. Um...doesn't look that great. I wouldn't be able to pull something like that off, anyway.
  12. I wouldn't be able to pull it off, not to mention I would worry about knocking it and breaking it. That price - eeek!
  13. While I would never concievably be able to spend that much money on a ring that wasn't my engagement ring ... I freaking LOVE IT!! and honestly...I would wear it every chance I got. :smile:
  14. I love the way it looks but not the price. :push: