You Should Stop Trying To Fit In Ur Skinny Jeans When....

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  1. I am DETERMINED to try to fit into these skinny jeans which also happen to be my fav jeans:woohoo:

    I took a DEEEEEP BREATH and used ALL my might to pull the button together so it buttoned and zipped up....

    I can hardly breathe at this point and am trying to suck in my tummy so the stitches won't break.

    I come back after about 2 hours and there are bruises on BOTH my hip bone area!!!:wtf: I guess the jeans were so tight they caused the bruising!!! there were no metal studs pressing against my hip bone so i know it's not that.

    :idea:This tells me I am perhaps NOT READY for the skinny jeans and should put it away for awhile....

    LOL :P

    Anyone else have any funny stories about trying to fit into your skinny top or pants??
  2. Oh no! How awful, yet how funny! :roflmfao:
  3. Aww lol. My story is the opposite..I bought my first pair of skinny jeans when I weighed slightly more (still was thrilled that I fit in them and they looked good), so after I got on certain medications I lost a lot of weight. Now those skinny jeans still fit..but are loose!

    Back when I was a preteen-early teen I had these "stretch jeans" that was all the fashion in the country I was living in. I've always had a tiny waist but huge butt and thighs, so..I had to do the classic lying-on-bed-at-akward-angle..and then jumping-up-and-down routine to get them on..and all the way up my dang hips. Haha. Couldn't sit though..held my breath all day...:rolleyes: Now I know why my mom (who's not exactly young) avoids jeans of any kind and only wears them if they have stretchy waistbands:lol:

    Edit: I wanted to add that holding your breath all day or getting bruises/stomach pains are NOT worth it for looking "good" in your jeans. It's not good for your health, and isn't necessary. I'm sure we could find something that we look good in that is comfortable as well! If you are in pain because of your skinny jeans or any clothes, don't wear them! Buy a bigger size or wear something else:tup:
  4. Too funny! I was trying to pull on a pair of jeans a few years ago and pulled so hard on the belt loops that one of them broke. They weren't even that tight, but it was super funny. My mom still laughs at me about it. :P
  5. I've had the bruises-on-both-hips problem, too! Which is why I haven't worn my skinny jeans in quite awhile! :smile: I'm just trying to be content in my worn-in and stretched-out bootcuts.
  6. Oh gosh I have a funny (yet sad) story. First time I went on a plane, I wore tight jeans because everything else was dirty and I love wearing jeans. So after the first flight, my butt was a little sore but I forgot about because I assumed it was from the long flight. After the next flight which lasted three hours and when we arrived at our hotel, I took a bath and I had marks on my butt! They cut off the circulation and three years later the marks are still there. I wish I never wore those jeans now because its not a pretty sight! :sweatdrop:
  7. that is a cute funny story. would it help if you got one size larger? i love my skinny jeans and this is pretty much the only type of jeans i have been wearing.
  8. Gosh, bruises? That's terrible!
    I have an opposite story...I have a pair of skinny jeans I accidentally bought in the wrong size, so they always slide halfway down my butt.
  9. Bruises :sad:??? I cant stand super tight jeans, I want to look as good as posible but I NEED to feel free and comfortable so honestly I've never done the whole lay down hold your breath thing yet. One day I couldnt fit into my favorite jeans, went shopping and I realized i needed a bigger size, I was like hell no, I refused to buy anything. Went back home with nothing and starting working out. I can fit into them again:girlsigh:!!
  10. I haven't even been able to get past how awful they look on me in the dressing room at the store and even been able to buy them.
  11. Two words: Muffin Top
  12. a friend of the family used to own a store that sold jeans in the 70s, it was called seargent peppers and was iconic in the northeast.
    they sold jeans that you had to put on and then sit in a cold bath so they would shrink to fit you. my mother still has some but cant get in them any more. she said when you tried on tight jeans you would lie on the floor of the stoor and one of the assistants would pull up the zipper using a coat hanger and if you could get them fastened you would wear them home.
  13. LOL! That is crazy! Like it's been said, if there's any muffin top, get out of those jeans before future bruising occurs!
  14. i had a baby a few months ago and things are sort of starting to fit again. i put my jeans in a pile from biggest to skinniest. i am about half way through the pile in terms of fit but there is still some excess skin on my belly. you can pull it out over the top of the jeans and it looks WEIRD. like this big skin flap... hope that's not too gross for yu... i try not to get too depressed about it and just wear more flattering things. i tell myself a baby used to live in there and it takes a while for skin to get back to where it was. it took a while to strtech out in the first place... and i keep at the pilates and keep my chin up... but i can see why peole get a tummy tuck as a quick fix :smile:
  15. This exact same thing happened to my friend. Once the skin has been stretched out, it won't go back, and she got a tummy tuck and her stomach looks 16 again, LOL! Hopefully your skin is not stretched out and you may just need a little exercise and diet to get it back in shape :smile:. I hate the thought of an operation.