You say tomAYto, I say tomAHto!

  1. I just wanted to post that I saw a RH city in tomato today. I was getting my nails done and in walked a lady carrying it. OMG. The color in person was SERIOUSLY amazing. I could NOT take my eyes off the bag. :wtf:

    If anyone is thinking about getting this color and is on the fence, go for it!!! All of the pics I've seen of tomato DO NOT do it justice! And this is coming from someone who would normally never think of buying a red bag!!!

    So, in closing, tomato is absolutely gorgeous!!! So much better in person!!
  2. Wow..thanks for sharing! I've been thinking:idea: about tomato :yes:
  3. dear Clopin... you really make my day..
    i've been wondering whther i could wear RED bag, since i am petite, and afraid that the color will overwhelm me. But reading your comment, i made my mind to get TOMATO in DAY, with silver hardware. Thanks...!!
  4. I definitely recommend Tomato:tup:
    Here is my Tomato DAY
    The leather is very thick, soft & amazing:drool:
  5. OMG! lovely color....congrats!
  6. Thanks so much for this post!!!!!!

    I've been on the fence about this color...thinking that it'd be too bright. Hum. I might need it....:nuts:
  7. I totally agree! When I saw pics of tomato I didn't really like it, but it's sooo much prettier in person :yes:
  8. I'm on the list to get a tomato first - I can't wait!!!
  9. I was really thinking about getting a first too. It's so cute.
  10. tomato + first = heaven!!!! I have a tomato first and its truely my fav Bbag...GO FOR IT LADIES!!:yahoo:
  11. Great post, I've been on the fence for a Tomato day!
  12. Decisions, decsions! How do you ladies choose?! I have seen tomato IRL and it is definitely an eye catcher. HOT!
  13. Nice red with gorgeous leather! Congrats! :drool:
    Well, I already have a red bag, 07 RV afternoon, do you think the colour look too similar if I'm? Anyone have both colors, can you pls share some sided pic of rouge vermillion VS tomato?... :nuts: TIA!
  14. andy!~ that bag is GORGEOUS!!!!:heart: TDF!!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  15. I saw Lo's tomato first and ordered one that day. I LOVE it. I have a rouge vif city on layaway that I will probably get in Sept or Oct but for now, I am loving the little tomato first.