You saw my 225, should I get a 226 or 227 next?


You saw my 225, should I get a 226 or 227 next?

  1. Metallic black reissue in 226

  2. Metallic black reissue in 227

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  1. Hi all, I just bought a gorgeous 2005 version reissue, and I am on the wait list for a metallic black reissue in both size 226 and 227, need your votes, which size should I take? TIA.

    IceEarl 2005 2.55_13 1A.jpg IceEarl 2005 2.55_13 005A.jpg
  2. 227! its a great practical size for sure, and less similar in terms of size to your 225.
  3. i think 227 will be a great choice ! my 227 holds a lot more than the other sizes, and it doesn't look bulky at all !
  4. i like the 226. It's a size that could be dressed up or down. Also, you are soo tiny, i feel as though the 227 would just overwhelm you. :yes:
  5. I should say, go for the 226 size. The 225 looks good on you so the next size will also look good on you.. Goodluck IceEarl!!
  6. Thanks ladies for your votes.....

    If anyone would like to know, I am 5'5 and about 111pounds.... keep the votes coming, thank you so much. ;)
  7. 227:heart:
    BTW, I love how the 225 looks on you.....gorgeoussssssss!
  8. I voted 227 :tup:
  9. Since both bags are black, go for 227 so they're less similar in size! :tup:
  10. 227! Since the chains are shorter on the 227 and it looks less bulky than the classic jumbo, i think it real look really good. i have seen some petite girls here in nyc carry off a classic jumbo so i think 227 should be no problem for you.
  11. I love 227 as the size is practical and big enough to hold more things. I have a 225 and 227 now. I am still waiting for a metallic black 227. I also love 2.55 reissues!
  12. Oh hi Chanelfans, I saw your collection in the other thread...have you ever wanted a 226? like you feel that you need a size in between?
  13. Hi IceEarl,

    As i feel the 226 is not big enough for most of my stuffs, that's why i don't need a size between 225 and 227. If i want to carry a small size bag, i will go for 225. If i want to put all my stuffs, i will go for 227. So 226 seems not too useful for me! :p
  14. oic... may I know how tall are you? I am 5'5, just worried that the 227 will look too big on me...
  15. I'm 5'5 and 91 lbs and the 227 is perfect on me :p it looks chic and young. I think 226 would also look good....