"You saved $503.78" (outlet reveal)

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  1. So I'm officially beyond the point of no return...I crossed state lines to get to a Coach outlet today. Who wants to see? :graucho:
  2. I can't wait!
  3. Here on time.. Cant wait to see..
  4. K---here we go. Again I'll save the best for last even though everyone probably knows by this point what it is, I've only been posting about how to where and how to get it for days now :lol: oh well!

    Small first...

  5. [​IMG]

    ID holder...typically I wouldn't buy something like this but I got a wallet on ebay that doesn't have an ID slot so I felt justified :lol:
  6. So blurry cant make it out.. Mini Skinny?
  7. Sorry for the dark/gross looking pics, I didn't realize I didn't have my flash on until I uploaded the pics! It's mint green with white patent leather trim
  8. The first 2 pics or the last one too blurry?
  9. Up next...

  10. The last one is good - a wallet?
  11. No need to apologize.. Love it though.. Keep goin.. first 2 pic..

    a scarf?
  12. No it's an ID holder..haha I'm sooo exhausted/excited I forgot to take a pic of like the inside..silly me, I'll try to do that in a few minutes if you want. It just unfolds and has 2 clear windows for ID and a credit card or something. Maybe a little bigger than a mini skinny.
  13. That's fine - the color is nice. Show us more!!
  14. Yep!


    I was TOO excited about this scarf. I had something else in my hand and saw that and thought hmm, they match then held them beside together and I HAD TO HAVE that scarf. Plus it was like $15 plus the 20% off!
  15. 2 more!