"You purse looks...plain..." exclaimed my coworker

  1. Oh may goodness this is what I heard today from my so-called fashion forward coworker. "What ever happened to all your louis vuittons? Did you have to sell them???" She asked as if I was in some great financial downfall. "Did you get that (my BJ Togo Birkin 30 w/ PH) at the Mall???" turning her nose up at it like it was some $20 bargain buy (by the way I have no problem wearing a bargain buy:p). With a smile I said "My goodness deary its my Hermes..." walked away with a smile. She rushed off to her office to "Google" the name (as per my assistants watchfull eyes...yeah she had to spy on her.lol) Humm??? So much for being fashion forward huh? :hysteric:
  2. That was funny! Yeah, she is so fashion forward, she didn't even know how Beautiful, elegant Hermes bags are!
  3. LOL!!! Give me ALL the PLAIN in the world, please!!! HEHE
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. Isn't the phrase 'your purse looks so plain' desirable to have commented on you in the midst of the present (and sometimes disgusting) conspicuous consumption?

    I thought that the whole point of buying Hermès (though it applies less to Birkin and Kelly) or Patek Philippe watches was 'stealth' wealth - keeping the knowledge of quality to yourself in a quiet confidence way.
  6. LOL, 'Plain' taste and classic good style beats 'fashion' anyday. I thought you replied in true Hermes style - with grace, well done, I would have been stuck for words (repeatable ones)
  7. With all the 'It-bags' outdoing one another with tassels, supersize locks, fringes, bling-until-you-drop-dead and other broohaha, it is exactly the simplicity and cleanliness of design that attracts me to Hermes. If a 'fashion-forward' person were to declare my Hermes purse plain (which so far hasn't happened yet), I'd take it as a compliment. True style doesn't have to scream.
  8. I completely agree with your statement. I grew tired of the over "decorated" It-bags, the Logo designs, the bags the screamed "look at me". I wanted a simple chic, sophisticated look. A purse the I myself can admire without the judgemental eyes of onlookers. It was just a shock to have someone who claimed to know all about fashion degrade my pride and joy. No hard feelings torward her, just a smile and chuckle.:p
  9. not at all - she only revealed her lack of style.
    now please keep us updated, i suspect there will be a round 2 now that she is properly educated.
  10. Unfortunately, some people in this world cannot distinguish 'plain' from 'elegant'. Be glad we are the ones who can. ;) Meanwhile, the ones who CANNOT are named Britney Spears (or look like her). :p
  11. Ah yes, I know there will be a round 2. I only hope she will keep the conversation civilized.LOL:s

  12. Oh yeah! :yes:
  13. just remember to take a deep breath and summon all the dignity befitting an hermes bag. might help to brace yourself for her possible cheap shots too (she will likely raise an eyebrow to the price tag, no?).
    if she says anything really vulgar, like, "i didn't recognize that it was hermes, it doesn't look like one" or anything crazy like that, i think you'd feel plenty good if you smiled as sweetly as possible and replied, "oh don't feel bad. i think it takes a connoisseur to truly appreciate the quality" and then get out of there fast!
    good luck.
  14. ^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Good one.
  15. LOL! I spit up some coffee when I read this one!:roflmfao: I have a "Britney" lookalike where I work.LOL